Friday, 24 September 2010

Play time sketchbook pages

And now for something completely different.......These are experiments I've done in my sketchbook. I do some really random things sometimes just to play with ideas and techniques without needing to feel the pressure of making a finished piece. I usually find that the experiments somehow will feed in to my other work in interesting ways.

I wish I could show you the original reference but I can't find the photographers name to credit them or ask their permission. It was a photograph of an antique, Deco style hammered silver jug, and the reflections and colour captured were stunning.

I used a small part of the photograph to zone in and look at the abstract qualities of the coloured reflections. The sketch on the right is watercolour on tin foil covered paper, the top right is watercolour straight into the book. Looking at the patterns and exaggerating aspects of them in the bottom sketch made me think of weaving, fabric and knitting. I wish I had the skills to explore these sketches further in those mediums but as someone who struggles to sew a button on a shirt it is quite beyond me. I'd love to see a big rug made up in this kind of design.

Another experiment painting on tin foil using watercolour and ink.

I next tried a monoprint using a dull silver card as a plate and watercolour, whilst the marks that I made merged and splurged (technical term ;)  ) and didn't really come out the way in which I intended I did think they they were quite interesting. On the left is the card that I used as a plate, the right is the print that came from it. I enjoy monoprinting for the unexpected results.

Do you have any sketchbook pages of experiments on your blog or website that you would like to share? I'd love to take a peek.


Jazz said...

you are becoming the most prolific & adept blogger!

these abstract pattern studies are very interesting - i can see them translated into textiles - a new direction to try perhaps?...

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Thank you Jazz, coming from someone who has been blogging for so long that means a lot. I'd love to try something 'textiley' but I know my limitations. I drove my poor Nan to distraction when she tried to teach me to knit and she had the patience of a saint!