Monday, 28 February 2011

From the depths

 Last night I was sorting through my bag and found these in the front pocket. I'd forgotten that I'd picked them up. There was also some pebbles and sea glass, a large seed that looks kind of like a tightly closed pine cone, some driftwood and some broken ceramic that had also been picked up at the beach. I had been thinking my bag had been getting heavy was all the treasure waiting to be rediscovered.

 The sketches are done in watercolour, pencil and ink (sepia Edding profipen) In the large drawing I was playing with line, pattern and shape.
I've not really drawn shells for a long time, they were the subject of my degree exhibition and a major project. I painted small sections of them up to a metre square in oils focusing on the surface patterns and textures with heavy mark making. I made the paintings on really thick, heavy MDF panels and was trying to communicate how heavy, protective and tough these tiny, delicate (to us) objects were to the animals that had previously lived in them. I was influenced by Georgia O'Keeffe and  Therese Oulton whose work I admire greatly.

I recall many discussions as to whether the paintings were abstract pieces or not. I didn't see them as abstractions - more as observations. Below is a photo of two drawings around A1 in size that I did at college, in charcoal, chalk and ink,  they were exhibited at the Millais Gallery in Southampton in 1997. The photo is a digital photo of an old style photo (-no digital camera back then) so apologies if it isn't very sharp.

I've been thinking a lot about mark making and feel I should take time out to do these kind of exercises. Exhibitions are coming up and the dilemma is how much time can I afford to take out from painting for those, on the other hand can I afford not too? I've a feeling I'm having one of those days....


WILLIE........! said...

Yes..These are really lovely Lisa...
Nice to see them in this way....And not as ugly ashtrays.
Oh! and yes, thought of you Sat. morn'in. Went downstairs for my lemon tea at seven, drew the curtains,(with just a pencil and A4 paper).
The sun was just appear'in in the distance, very much like the top picture, in the post below. With the white clouds quite still, and the darker clouds on the move, and the pink in between, it look really lovely. So, l sat out on the patio, with my lemon tea and enjoyed it. Little fresh....But....
Lovely.....! :0)

loriann said...

Hi Lisa, I agree with can you afford not to take the time? How about some value studies that only focus on mark about having some intense fun!
Beautiful work!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Brrrrr... I bet it was a little fresh too. Best time of the day though. I hate that whole shell ashtray thing too, they are far too beautiful for that, take care Willie.

Hi Loriann, I'm going to do what you have suggested and have a couple of days just doing tonal studies. I'm feeling a bit iffy about where to go and what to do but I think drawing might be the answer. It normally is for me. Thank you for the input.