Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A frozen moment

Frozen Moment
28x28cm acrylic on paper
©2010 Lisa Le Quelenec
Wow! What a storm we had last night! High winds and lashing rain, the kind of night that makes you glad to be home and tucked up in the warm. For the most part it's been a day of sunshine with the odd shower but as I type the rain is making a return and the wind is picking up. This evening will be a time to hunker down with a good book, I recently bought Turner on Tour by Inge Herold ISBN9783791332116
which is making for some interesting reading. For a small book it is nicely illustrated too. At the moment I am exploring the chapter on Venice and dreaming of a return trip..... sigh....

So to spite all of this mucky weather that's around I thought I'd share this painting from the summer. I have relied heavily on photographic reference with the memories of the waves breaking in one particular spot in my head. It was quite a calm day and the sea was flat but right at the last minute the lazy swell would have one last surge of energy before hitting the sand. An almost, '..oh go on then if I must..' half hearted attitude.

I'm in the middle of a battle at the moment with a painting started last week. The pressure is on as I want to have it finished before the Christmas break.


Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Lisa!... We all to aim to capture and "freeze" the moment... on land... in the air and by the sea!

This lovely moment in the short life of a roller is so enjoyable and believable too!

Thanks for sharing the moment! Beautifully done!

Enjoy the cozy... out of the storm's grasp! How sweet it is!

Good Painting and reading!
Warmest regards,

vivien said...

Have you read The Mousehold Cat? The illustrations in that of a storm are superb, with the Great Strorm Cat - do look at it if you haven't seen it :)

I love storms and wild seas

Jeanette said...

There is nothing like a rogue wave crashing onto shore. Its my favourite place to be to watch the water.

Images and memories of summer water keep us filled during the winter. This is a beautiful wave, I love the rising colour into the light.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Morning Bruce, thank you. I'm still day dreaming of summer's warmth...

Hi Vivien, I just looked the book up. It's one I remember from when I worked in a bookshop, it was very popular. When I googled the illustrators name it was a post on your blog from 2007 that came up first. A very talented lady whose style stands out.

Hello Jeanette, thank you. The sun is shining (for now) and the sea is calling. I'm going to wrap up warm and have an hour or two of wave watching today I think. I hope you can fit some in soon too.

Caroline said...

Hello Lisa, Your leaf and shell studies are very lovely, what detail there is in your fine work. I have been reading my books on the works of Constable, so nice to be swept away back in time to a world of candle light, open fires, and a slower pace of life. I do hope you win your battle with the latest painting, I know that feeling well as I too have been struggling with my painting. Looking forward to seeing your latest painting hopefully here on your blog. Enjoy the waves and Merry Christmas to you.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Caroline, thank you. I'm still battling this last painting but have decided not to look at it again until the new year. I've given it a stern talking to and turned it to the wall. I think it's the short daylight hours that don't help. Still it's the shortest day today so before we know it we'll feel the difference.

Can you recommend a book on Constable? I was thinking of getting the new V&A oil sketches one, it's the sky studies that I'm particularly interested in.

Have a great Christmas, best wishes x