Monday, 12 March 2012

Moon light uncovered

Moon light studies
charcoal and white pastel 23x17cm
©2011 Lisa Le Quelenec

Four drawings that I uncovered this weekend during the spring clean of the studio. I'd quite forgotten I'd done them and they had been covered over in the bottom of the drawer. I think they were intended as tonal studies for a painting as yet unpainted. These moonlit seascapes are a continuing theme like the birches of my previous post and so will be revisited at some point. Sometimes there are so many ideas buzzing around in my head that they have to join an orderly queue and I just can't paint fast enough. Other times the brick wall of block hits and revisiting these starting points are the bulldozers to aid the recovery.


Anonymous said...

Love these, Lisa!

Judy said...

I know the brick wall and I have my own bulldozers! :) These are lovely, Lisa!

Bruce Sherman said...

Good Morning Lisa!... These are certainly wonderful "seeds" to be planted! There is no better time to plant... than in Spring!

Better Spring to it!

I have my own bulldozer idling... with a dumpster standing at the ready! Moving day is fast approaching... some things won't be moving... Deb says! HA HA!!

Good Painting and B-dozing!
Warmest regatrds,

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Maggie, thank you!

Hi Judy, thank you. It's always good to have bulldozers waiting in the wings I think. What do you do when you come up against the wall?

Hello Bruce, funnily enough I have been planting my veggie seeds too. Good luck with the move, I remember well how much of an uphill struggle it can be. It'll be magic once you are there though.
Best wishes.

shirley fachilla said...

Wonderful moon/seascapes I'm so glad you found them. Hope they have inspired you because I think they have inspired me!

loriann signori said...

Love these drawings Lisa. OI hope they will be inspiration for new paintings!

Caroline said...

Wow, I love these works Lisa. Could you frame them up as they are? to me they tell a wonderful story about the sea and the moonlight.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hello Shirley, welcome and thank you for taking the time to comment. I hope you stay inspired.

Hi Loriann, new paintings are in the pipelines :o)

Thank you Caroline, I love charcoal and the subtleties that you get using it. I've tried exhibiting charcoal drawings locally before in years gone by but have never sold any. I think maybe drawings are just not valued as highly as paintings although I don't see why this should be so. Maybe I will try them in my Etsy gallery and see how they do there. Thank you for the encouragement.