Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Waiting II

Waiting II acrylic on paper 16x26cm ©2012 Lisa Le Quelenec

I finished the partner to my previous posts painting over the weekend. Both are now double mounted in a textured white board and available in my Etsy gallery  here .  In the coming months I think there will be more Venetian paintings. I see these as a continuation of the themes in my work - light on water, spatial and quiet contemplative depth - just maybe a new arm.

An artist whose work I admire who often talks of working from memory is Loriann Signori. Her latest post here on working in a series very eloquently and succinctly describes the power of producing a body of work in this way. You can see very clearly from her new  website  the themes and relationships running through her work.


Carole Cochrane said...

Love the reflections with this one Lisa. A delightful painting !

loriann signori said...

Hi Lisa! You KNOW and love water and it shows in these stunning paintings. I am honored by the mention of my work and sites. Thanks!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Carole, thank you!

Loriann thank you, I feel like I'm just getting aquainted with water - it keeps changing.
You are most welcome :o) Your new website is the biz! I've fallen in love with 'Offering'. It's such a beautiful painting.