Monday, 28 January 2013

I've been Bubbled!

Poppy cards available at Red Bubble ©2013Lisa Le Quelenec

This weekend an exciting package arrived. I'd uploaded a selection of my images onto a site called Red Bubble  and the cards that I ordered arrived. I am very impressed with the quality and speed with which they came, they are better than I could have imagined. Cards and prints, both unframed and framed, are available. I will be adding to the collection over the coming months.

This also opens up new possibilities for my work as well and is giving me new food for thought. For a long time I have sketched with water-soluble pens, used collage and other materials whose longevity and stability I have considered dubious. This is fine when doing sketchbook work and experimenting but would, to me, be unethical to use if making work for sale. I want my collectors to have a product that isn't going to disappear off the page or canvas. However if the artwork is a reproduction print made with quality inks on archival paper and is guaranteed a lifespan then there is huge scope for indulging use of these materials and pushing new boundaries. Not to mention purely digitally created imagery. What an exciting world this has opened up!

cards available at Red Bubble ©2013Lisa Le Quelenec


vivien said...

pretty cards!

Silly Little Sheep said...

They look really nice!! It must be exciting for you to receive something like this in mail :)
They really are lovely. And I like the way you have taken the photos of them :)

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Thank you Vivien :o)

Hi Veronika, thank you. It was fun but difficult decision to choose paintings to reproduce in this way. I hope I got it right...

Caroline Simmill said...

Beautiful cards Lisa the quality of them looks very good. Cards are affordable and are also a nice way of buyers having a painting and another image of your work. When I get back into action again with my computer and camera I will most certainly look into this thanks!