Thursday, 14 February 2013

Dip pens

Dip pens and acrylic ink

Today's post is in answer to Theresa Evans' question about the type of pen I used for yesterday's daffodil study. The one I mostly use is the green glass handled one that I picked up on a trip to Venice a few years back. The nib is really flexible and I am dreading the day that it gives up as after searching online it seems like it would be hard to find a replacement. It's had a lot of use and is a firm favourite. The twisted handle is surprisingly comfortable to hold as well as looking rather lovely in the pen pot. ;o)

The other pen in the picture is made from bamboo and I've had it so long that for the life of me I cannot remember where I got it. I know I got it for use in life drawing classes after failing miserably to cut me own. (maybe I should give it another go...)  The marks that it makes are a bold contrast to the other pen and as it doesn't hold much ink inbetween 'dips' there is a lovely variation in the ink even in one stroke.

My preferred ink is FW acrylic in sepia which I generally use very diluted reserving neat ink for only the odd mark within a drawing where a bit of punch is needed. The soft tone of the dilute ink lends itself to subtle washes of watercolour to my eye.

Pop over to Theresa's  blog and see her beautiful work, the light that she captured in her last watercolour 'Winter Sunset' is gorgeous.


Vandy said...

Thanks Lisa. Really useful post. I was given some dipping pens but haven't tried them yet. Useful post. Will have a go this weekend I think.

eM said...

It´s great Lisa, I´ve learned from you something new. I am starting with pendrawing and as I see I will have to buy some new tools :). Thanks for inspiring again!

Bruce Sherman said...

Good Morning Lisa!... Your post today reveals that you as well employ your own version of my "stick handling" twig.

The effects you have created in your daffies is wonderfully sensitive... light... loose... almost a feeling of fanciful calligraphy!

Stick to it! HA HA!! Hope your Venetian glass "pen pal"... hangs in there for you!

Good Sketching and Painting!
Warmest regards,

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Vandy, they are lovely to use with watercolour washes and you could use watercolour paint instead of ink too. I hope you blog about what you do I'd love to see.

Hello Marcela, have fun at the art shop! New toys are always good to play with ;o)

Hi Bruce, thank you. There is something exciting and immediate about pen and ink, isn't there? Which month do your daffies come out? I guess it must be a fair bit later for you in Canada.

Theresa Evans said...

Lisa, thanks so much for this post ... I've only just noticed it. That Venetian pen looks really beautiful. The varied line is so attractive - you just can't get that with the technical pens can you? I also love the sound of those 'old fashioned' nibs on paper! I used to have a dip pen at school (yes, I'm that old)!

Actually, the bamboo pens are those used by Elda Abramson. I bought one years ago but haven't made huge use of it recently. Here's the link if you ever need another ;)

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Theresa, glad you liked the post. Thank you for the link, I remember buying the bamboo pen now at an A&I show - must have been ten years ago or so now...eeek! It's lasted well.

Theresa Evans said...

I think I bought mine at one of their shows too! You've inspired me to buy some ink and have a go again :) Thanks!