Friday, 5 July 2013

A gentle sea

A Gentle Sea   13x13cm acrylic on paper     ©2013Lisa Le Quelenec

Fine hot weather is forecast for the next ten days or so. (-I hope I haven't just jinxed it ;o)  ) I'm looking forward to some sights like this where everything slows down in the lazy heat. I can't be too lazy though as I've the Hayloft exhibition coming up very soon and then another group show at Priory House in August. I will be making time for some gentle evening strolls along the sand though.


RH Carpenter said...

There must be something about the colors used in this one - it is soothing but envigorating at the same time, kind of like a walk on the beach often can be. Best of luck on the shows!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Rhonda, thank you. I've been using a lot of these aqua greens this year, I'm in love with them.