Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Summer garden sketchbook

It seems we are in for a cold snap this week so I thought I'd share a reminder of summer. They are small scale, about 10x25cm done in watercolour.

I love poppies and we have grown a few different varieties,  I dry out the seedpods to draw every year and then in spring scatter the seeds back out in the garden borders. I particularly like the Californian poppies with their vibrating orange petals that always catch my eye.

Listening to the bees as they dive into the flowers always makes me laugh, the sound seems to amplify and they sound so excited. Sometimes their legs seem so coated in pollen that they can't fly straight and they look like their drunk. The yellow/orange splodge on the page of the yellow poppy sketch was a bee landing on the book. (He left behind a sketch of pollen.) I hope everyone is keeping warm this week.


WILLIE...! said...

Well, here l am back again.....My PC went in for a rebuild, a couple of weeks ago...New motherboard, hard drive, etc...etc...! But the best thing is , it came back in a Pink cabinet....Blew my mind.....All l need now is a Pink keyboard. (That's on it's way)......!
Yes, love the flowers, especially the poppy, though l like orchids and pansies (No, not like that):0)
Look forward to some more of your lovely paintings.:).

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Lovely to have you back Willie, I'm glad you are keeping well.