Wednesday 10 April 2024

Land or Sea? - collage and mixed media

Untitled A4ish collage and mixed media on paper ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

Pebbles colour inspiration ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

I am pushed and pulled on the tide.. is the series about the pebbles or the sea each new piece seems to change its' focus first land is more dominant then the this a metaphor.....? Edges, relationships, boundaries, liminal, erosion, words that are scribbled in my sketchbook.

Untitled A4ish collage and mixed media on paper ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

Detail - Untitled A4ish collage and mixed media on paper ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

Sand Ripples ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

I can't believe it has been a month since I last posted! A virus got the better of me and then ten days of road trip travelling as far up as Edinburgh and Whitby to Liverpool across with a stop off in York has kept me away. So much inspiration on the trip and much beach treasure gathered.

I will be reopening my Etsy shop again soon. There has been quite a few changes since it was last open so a steep learning curve to get up to scratch but hopefully I will be ready in the next couple of weeks. Some of these new works will be available there.

Thursday 7 March 2024

Broken but Still Beautilful II & III


I neglected to post February's Broken but Still Beautiful drawing, time ran away with me again. So this month double bubble and two drawings to post!

Broken but Still Beautiful II   pencil on A4 paper   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

The shell above I use often in flat lays when photographing my work for my shop. I love the elegant shape of the curves. It is also quite unusually pure white.

Broken but Still Beautiful III   pencil on A4 paper   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

No.III is full of elegant curves too, I think this is why I am so attracted to drawing the broken bits of whelks. They are so sculptural and the forms make for dramatic tonal values.

Thursday 29 February 2024

Delicate Waves - Japandi on Spoonflower


Delicate Waves ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

Between all the collaging and printing experiments for the pebble series, I have been working on a new design to compliment the Coastal Collection that I brought out on Spoonflower and RedBubble. The design is made in various combinations for this collection and also for some others that are being worked on in the background (more on those later).

Of course I favour all the blue and blue/green combinations but I also have versions in neutrals and pinks available. You can find the design on different types of fabric, wallpaper and home accessories on Spoonflower in it's own collection Delicate waves - Japandi or within the separate collections that the colourway compliments. I have also uploaded it into my RedBubble Store where it can be purchased on even more products including clothing and accessories.

Delicate waves Neutral on Cream ©2024LisaLeQuelenec available at Spoonflower

Delicate Waves Cream on Taupe ©2024LisaLeQuelenec available on Spoonflower

Delicate Waves Pink Blush on Cream ©2024LisaLeQuelenec available on Spoonflower

Friday 23 February 2024

Mixed media collage - tide patterns


Untitled   Mixed media collage on A5ish watercolour paper  ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

Untitled   Mixed media collage on A5ish watercolour paper  ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

Tide patterns ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

Sand ripples ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

Thinking about the patterns left by wind and water on the sand, how it forms ripples and carves hills and troughs - the traces left behind.

Worn by water and wind   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

So many of my reference photos have dogs walking through, sometimes Lu sometimes randoms... I think she shows the scale rather well in this one though. The pattern has formed by dry sand catching on the textures made by the sea as it is blown across the beach. This photo was taken in Jersey where the large and rapid tides make large shapes. By contrast the photo below is much smaller in scale.

The trail of water flowing back to the sea, navigating the pebbles left behind   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

Thursday 8 February 2024

Lokta - media experiments on new to me paper and gathering resources


Top right - experiments with different media on handmade Lokta paper
Top left - initial ideas for a range of colours for the project
Bottom - experiments with lino ink and carved stamps

Gathering thoughts and experiments to continue with the pebble project.....

Experiments with different media on handmade Lokta paper  ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

I bought some Lokta paper, it is A4 and a beautiful creamy colour, some with speckles. It is  thin, strong and fibrous and one side is slightly smoother than the other. I did the same experiments on both surfaces but the difference in results was negligible. Wetting the paper and tearing gives a lovely 'fluffy' edge (like most thin handmade papers) and it cuts well with knife and scissors - these are characteristics that I want to utilise in the coming works.

My next experiments were using lino printing ink in both bold colours, neutrals and off whites.

lino print experiment on Lokta paper ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

lino print experiment on Lokta paper ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

lino print experiment on Lokta paper ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

The results are subtle, I had to photograph these with a dark paper behind to show the contrast as the camera struggles to pick up the pale tones. I rather like the effect though and will definitely be exploring very pale compositions at some point - maybe more as drawings....


Print, collage, acrylic ink and pencil on Lokta paper...about A6ish   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

Exploring shape, line and rhythm. There is something very calming about drawing flowing lines. I'm making connections in my mind with Japanese gravel gardens, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham drawings and ripples on still water. I feel like I am edging towards something...maybe I am flowing too?

Sand ripples left by the tide   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

Aren't these ripples divine? The tide was fast and strong to leave these behind, they are quite large and deep.

A Falling Tide   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

The shot below was taken through the lens of my sunglasses - I like the dramatic tonal contrast.

Sand ripples through my sunglasses   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

All these sources will no doubt filter into this next body of work, I'm enjoying the process of collating and curating.

Wednesday 31 January 2024

Revisiting some older work - ebb & flow


Ebb & Flow   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

I have been looking back at some older work (around 2018 although it feels like much longer ago). Inspired by the pebbles and small rivulets of water that amble down to the sea. I'm gathering ideas, looking at references old and new. I need a project to get me through February a month that I always find difficult for it's cold snaps and dreary greyness. With the mist and darkness it feels like it has come early today.

Ebb & Flow II   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

Ebb & Flow I&II are both available at RedBubble framed and unframed as reproduction prints in various options.

Time & Tide   a mix media and collage concertina book   ©2018LisaLeQuelenec

If you have been reading here a while (I thank you) you might remember this little concertina book that I made. I stumbled across it a few weeks ago whilst looking for something else in the plan chest. I like the simplicity of this series of work and want to revisit the themes in some way. I think I would like a warmer palette this time.....

Time & Tide   a mix media and collage concertina book   ©2018LisaLeQuelenec


Time & Tide   a mix media and collage concertina book   ©2018LisaLeQuelenec

Time & Tide   a mix media and collage concertina book   ©2018LisaLeQuelenec

Time & Tide   a mix media and collage concertina book   ©2018LisaLeQuelenec

Thursday 25 January 2024

Love is in the air......A medley of mussels


Mussels, mussels, stationery, prints and more all available at RedBubble.

A medley of mussels - available at RedBubble ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

The inspiration for all the variations. This mini painting is available in my  Folksy store.

Mussel study   acrylic on linen board 10x10cm   ©2023LisaLeQuelenec

Monday 22 January 2024

Inspiration in unusual places - part II

Coastal Stripe   digital design   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec available at Spoonflower

From this....

Digital manipulation of a scan from the collage  ©2024LisaLe Quelenec

...a little more manipulation digitally to this....

Coastal Stripes   digital design   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

....and before I knew it.....

Coastal Stripe   digital design   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec available at Spoonflower

Each design is available on a variety of fabrics, wall paper and home furnishings in my  Spoonflower store and co-ordinates with all the designs in my Coastal Collections.

These designs are also available in my  RedBubble  store on a variety of different home accessories, soft furnishing, stationery and clothing.

Inspiration can strike at any time and in the most unusual places.

Thursday 18 January 2024

Inspiration from unusual places...

Rag rug watercolour thumbnail sketch  ©2024LisaLeQuelenec


Rag rug ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

It started on a sunny day, I noticed the denim rag rug and the way the light had faded areas - the patterns made by light and shade, the tones, the colours and textures... a little noticing.

Sketchbook studies - rag rug    watercolour   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

I grabbed my sketchbook and sketched out some thumbnails.....which led to some collages.....

Collage WIP    ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

Rag rug studies   collage with shells   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

That were strangely addictive to make.....  to be continued......

Thursday 11 January 2024

Broken But Still Beautiful I - mixed media drawing


Broken But Still Beautiful I   mixed media drawing 30x21cm   ©2024LisaLeQuelenec

The end of 2023 passed - I'm not sure where or how - and here we are already the 11th! Armed with new plans for work and hopefully more self discipline blog-wise than I have shown last year I will be here more regularly.

To begin the year a resolution to myself to make more time for drawing. Drawing is another area that I have neglected recently and should be one of the first signs to myself that things are going askew. Life is much better with drawing in it. The act of slowing down and looking is undervalued I think. I am a little rusty but have made a start.

I plan to make one drawing each month this year on the theme of 'Broken But Still Beautiful'. (There may be more than 12 but I want at least 12 by the end of the year.) To start off the project this beautiful whelk shell that I picked up in Norfolk last summer. I have a lovely collection of broken whelks and the project may well be a series from these resources. I obsess over the beautiful internal twisting wave-like spiral of the columella. Even the sound of the word 'columella' I find beautiful. When I look at broken whelks I see a Barbara Hepworth or Henry Moore sculpture - a reclining figure - large scale and monumental. I have no end in mind for these drawings except to enjoy the process and get lost in the shapes, contours and textures. Lets see how I get on....