Thursday 17 October 2019

Heavy Weather III - drypoint

The rain it keeps on coming...

Heavy Weather III   8x7.5cm drypoint   ©2019LisaLeQuelenec

The third print in a series of drypoint studies titled Heavy Weather is now available at Seaside Studios Uk .

You can also find  Heavy Weather  and  Heavy Weather II  the first and second prints in the series. All three are printed in editions of 10.

Thursday 3 October 2019

Arriving storm - drypoint with collagraph

We have had some spectacular weather the past week or so...lashing rain, howling wind, there have also been some breathtakingly beautiful sunsets. I love Autumn and all its changeability, I am looking forward to seeing the changing colours. It won't be long now I think.

The storms have been quite something and have been prompting some new work.

Storm at Sea   14x14cm drypoint with collagraph monoprint   ©2019LisaLe Quelenec

A mixture of techniques have been used to make this print - there are areas of drypoint and collagraph and due to the disintegration of the plate in the sky area each time it travelled through the press, each print has altered and arrives at the other side appearing quite different. I like the idea of the plate physically eroding like the coastline it is depicting in the storm.

This print is available at Seaside Studios UK.