Thursday 23 March 2023

And the Gulls Cry - acrylic on canvas board


And the Gulls Cry    acrylic on canvas board   40x50cm   ©2023LisaLeQuelenec

A companion piece to Where the Wild things are....

These paintings will be available in my Folksy store in a couple of weeks or so. I am going to live with them a short while to make sure there are no adjustments to be made and so that I can enjoy them a while ;o)

Where the Wild Things Are & And the Gulls Cry   40x50cm acrylic on canvas boards   ©2023LisaLeQuelenec

Thursday 16 March 2023

Where The Wild Things Are - acrylic on canvas


Where The Wild Things Are   acrylic on canvas board 40x50cm   ©2023LisaLeQuelenec

Well that was fun!

Where The Wild Things Are WIP   acrylic on canvas board 40x50cm   ©2023LisaLeQuelenec

Where The Wild Things Are - details   acrylic on canvas board 40x50cm   ©2023LisaLeQuelenec

Wednesday 8 March 2023

A failed monoprint...a nugget of inspiration - WIP

Study for where the wild things are   monoprint and mixed media 15x15cm   ©2023LisaLeQuelenec

Below a failed monoprint...with potential....I worked back into it with coloured pencils and acrylic paint... a nugget of an idea is forming... I think the scale needs to be bigger...I want to stretch my wings a little...

Gulls and cliff   monoprint  15x15cm   ©2023LisaLeQuelenec

Friday 3 March 2023

Gulls, storms and monoprints


A little monoprint experimenting has been occurring... thinking in ink...sometimes unexpected things happen which lead to new ideas to explore. That happened with this print below. The plate for some reason known only to the gods of print slid in the press making these lovely marks suggesting cliffs. My work is usually of the sea from the shore or clifftop but now I am thinking in terms of from the sea/sky. Ideas are percolating slowly forming more thinking in ink is needed....

Listening to the Wind   monoprint and mixed media   ©2023LisaLeQuelenec

The print below on the left is where I had been intending to go. A monoprint with an embossed gull shape in the lower margin. I am still toying with the idea of including text within my work, slowly trying things out and experimenting. The version on the left is a digital copy with added text.. I am unsure so have photocopied and written on it/tried a fully digitised version in photoshop...I am still unsure. What are your thoughts? Which do you prefer? I think maybe in this image the text is a little too big and obvious....? I will live with them for a while.

...and the gulls cry...   monoprint and mixed media   ©2023LisaLeQuelenec

This print was pulled from the plate after the one above, I added and wiped extra ink to the remnants, playing with marks. If the one above was as the storm was building then this one would be the storm from within. Same composition very different energy.

 Storm Spray   monoprint and mixed media   ©2023LisaLeQuelenec

For now I will go back to thinking in ink, exploring, pushing pulling the ideas and experimenting to see where it will lead.