Thursday 15 October 2015

Storm at sea - prints using dry point and collagraph in combination

Storm at Sea 2/5  combination print 14x14cm   ©2015Lisa Le Quelenec

These three prints are part of an experiment to combine two techniques. Using a perspex plate I used the drypoint needle to scratch the sea and the pebbles on the beach. In the sky area I used an acrylic fibers medium to create the stormy clouds. I didn't notice at first as each time I was also trying out a different style of inking up the plate but each time that I inked up for another print a little of the acrylic medium was detaching from the plate and the sky area was slowly disintegrating. In a way each of these is a monoprint as the plate was different for each impression. I really like the idea of the plate changing during the process like the clouds changing during the storm and the storm gradually dissipating - serendipitous printmaking.
Storm at Sea 3/5  combination print 14x14cm   ©2015Lisa Le Quelenec
Storm at Sea 4/5  combination print 14x14cm   ©2015Lisa Le Quelenec

Thursday 8 October 2015

Gulls and waves  ©2015LisaLeQuelenec
Solo   dry point  8x7.5cm   ©2015Lisa Le Quelenec

Another small drypoint made on a perspex plate. As an experiment I started to draw into one of the prints. I think the vignette idea is still trying to work its way out of my head because I felt like the sea needed to break the confines of the plate.  ©2015LisaLeQuelenec
Into the Wind   10x10cm drypoint and mixed media   ©2015Lisa Le Quelenec

Both versions are available at my Etsy shop Seasidestudiosuk.

Saturday 3 October 2015

Lucky me! ©2015LisaLeQuelenec ©2015LisaLeQuelenec
Acorns sketchbook page ©2015LisaLeQuelenec

Look at the lovely gift my boys brought me back from a trip out to the park. The photograph doesn't do the gorgeous soft lime green of the acorns justice. I couldn't wait to get my sketchbook out to explore the shapes. It seems Prince Twinkle Toes has a good eye for treasure.
Acorns   watercolour sketch approx 10x14cm ©2015LisaLeQuelenec