Thursday 28 September 2017

My favourite art books

A while back artist Sherrie York posted about her book collection and it got me to thinking about my favourites, how they had changed over the years and about the ones that I keep referring back to like old friends. Back in 2011 I wrote this post about 10 of my favourite art books. Those are all still 'up there' but there have been quite a few additions especially as I have explored new techniques in printmaking.

Some favourite books  photograph ©2011 LisaLeQuelenec

I have put together a Pinterest board of favourite books  if anyone is interested in having a peek along my bookshelves virtually. Maybe you will find something that would interest you to check out at your local library next time you visit.

Would you like to share your favourite books in the comments? I would be interested in knowing what you recommend after all you can never have too many books ;o)

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Pine cones - it started with some sketches....

Pine cone sketches   pencil ink and watercolour   ©2017Lisa Le Quelenec

...and quickly got out of hand... but in a good way. I love the structure of pine cones, such a challenge to get 'right'. There is a park I visit with my little one that guarantees we will come home with at least a few we are both as bad as each other with our little collections and we added quite a few more this summer.

Sketches and doodles turned into...

Pine cone stages   watercolour on A4 paper   ©2017Lisa Le Quelenec

There are two paintings available to buy here at Seaside Studios UK.

But then that turned into....

From sketch to drypoint plate to prints   ©2017Lisa LeQuelenec

and now I have these....

Trio   artist proof 1 drypoint print 19x10cm   ©2017LisaLeQuelenec

Trio   artist proof 2 drypoint print image size19x10cm   ©2017LisaLeQuelenec

Trio   3/20 drypoint print image size19x10cm   ©2017LisaLeQuelenec

Trio   drypoint prints image size 19x10cm   ©2017LisaLeQuelenec

Which are also available at Seaside Studios UK and at Seaside Studios Uk on Folksy.

I do get myself in a pickle sometimes :o)

Thursday 14 September 2017

Three seaweed studies in watercolour

Three Seaweeds    each 30x21cm approx watercolour on paper   ©2017LisaLeQuelenec

The latest additions to my 'Little Treasures' series to add to the shells, feathers and other nature finds.

I love the colours, shapes and variety of seaweeds. These are painted from sketches that I did in Jersey and are seaweeds found in the rockpools there. Next time I must remember to collect some samples in jars for studying. I have collected them in the past and pressed them in sketchbook pages but they dry out and become brittle so quickly and it does make a change to paint from living samples. I really wanted to catch the sense of how they flow in the water in these studies.

These three seaweed studies are available at Seaside Studios UK on Etsy

Thursday 7 September 2017

The coast is clear! Etching of Old Harry Rocks

The Coast is Clear!   A/P I etching 14.5x11.5cm   ©2017LisaLeQuelenec

Quite some years ago His Nibbs and I went for a walk along the beach at Shell Bay down the way in Studland. We have been many times before and since but there was something about this particular day that sticks out. The sun was out but it was a little hazy, it was neither hot nor cold and there was just a gentle breeze. The water looked glass-like - but with strong contrasts in tone on the surface ripples. Colour was bleached out everything reduced to tones of blue grey. What I remember the most was the stillness and quiet. The quiet sounded loud but gentle if you know what I mean.

Old Harry Rocks photograph ©2017LisaLeQuelenec

I took this photograph and along with the memory of that day it has been the inspiration for many drawings, paintings and now an etching. So far I have made two proof prints and have used paper masks to add some sail boat shapes. I think I could make variations of work on this one memory for many years to come.

Light Across the Bay   acrylic on paper 25x25cm   ©2011 LisaLeQuelenec

Above an older painting from 2011, long since sold but one of my favourites.

Old Harry Rocks  snippets and ideas in mixed media   ©2017LisaLeQuelenec

I wonder do you have a memory or lasting impression of a time and place that you revisit in your work again and again?

The Coast is Clear!   A/P II etching 14.5x11.5cm   ©2017LisaLeQuelenec