Thursday 30 June 2022

New store at Society6


Lines in the Water - Blues   framed print available at Society6   ©2022LisaLeQuelenec

The last few weeks I have been working on making work available as reproductions in a new store on Society6. I am very happy with how it is going so far and will be adding more work in the coming weeks. I have heard good feedback from other artists of the quality and service from this company so thought I would give it a whirl. I'd love to know what you think of the store if you take a peek.

It just so happens that they are having a Forth of July Sale at the moment which means 40% off art prints & posters and 30% off wall art and home decor. 

Thursday 23 June 2022

Mussels from Knoll Bay sketchbook page and acrylic painting

Mussels from Knoll Bay   watercolour A6 sketchbook   ©2022 Lisa Le Quelenec

An old sketchbook page from 2016.... I was really drawn to the shapes left by the barnacles on the top shell and the unusual strip markings on the lower. I have gathered shells like these from Shell Bay to Barton-on-sea and they are quite different as you move along the coast but I had never seen a striped one like this before. The shell above shows scars in it's surface from barnacles.

skip to 2022 and a new mini painting.... available in my Folksy Store.

Mussel shell with Barnacles   acrylic on linen board 10x10cm   ©2022LisaLeQuelenec

These shells were collected between 2016 -2018 in Spring ....

These shells were collected between 2020 in Spring ....

Both sets were collected at the same beach. The difference is quite marked in their colouring with this years being much paler and also shimmery. I can't think of any reason except maybe different pollution levels being a possibility to cause this. Does anyone know? Or have any ideas? I am going to make a note to go to the same beach next Spring and see if there is any difference again. It is puzzling me...

Thursday 16 June 2022

Lines in the Water II & III - linoprints


Lines in the Water II   linoprint 15x15cm   ©2022LisaLeQuelenec

Two more in the series, once again varied, open editions. I will have fun exploring and experimenting with different inking techniques and colourways. 

Prints available in my Folksy Store.

Lines in the Water III   linoprint 15x15cm   ©2022LisaLeQuelenec

A big thank you to the lovely anonymous buyer of journals, RedBubble doesn't tell me who you are but I think I know....thank you Kentucky I hope you  love them ;o)

Thursday 9 June 2022

Repeating Waves - making patterns


Repeating waves ©2022LisaLeQuelenec

After scanning one of my lino prints into Photoshop I had a play with making a repeat pattern. I have uploaded it into my RedBubble store and it is available on different accessories to purchase. I will try out some different colour combinations soon though I like the subtlety of this colourway which is true to the print that I scanned. I might try it as a border rather than a full repeating pattern too. What do you think?

....and just to brighten your day, how cute are these two modelling one of the latest products available of RedBubble? 

Repeating Waves ©2022LisaLeQuelenec