Tuesday 22 June 2021

Lockdown sky studies



Sky studies  10x10cm watercolour on paper   ©2020/21LisaLeQuelenec



During lockdown I spent a lot of time looking up. There were some fantastic coloured skies, the air seemed crisper and cleaner. Maybe due to a drop in pollution? I am fortunate to live within a short distance of the beach so could easily visit during the allowed exercise time/distance. It is only really now that I am starting to get used to seeing planes in the sky again and they are still alot more infrequent than before.


I started a series of 10x10cm watercolours inbetween the homeschooling, dog walking and in spare moments. I am starting to put these paintings into my Folksy store each measures 10x10cm and represents a quiet moment to forget about the stress of these troublesome times.



Sky studies  10x10cm watercolour on paper   ©2020/21LisaLeQuelenec


Sky studies  10x10cm watercolour on paper   ©2020/21LisaLeQuelenec

Thursday 17 June 2021

Bubbles for 2020



Bubbles -  lockdown sketchbook pages ©2020LisaLeQuelenec



Helloooooooooo.....yoooouuuhooooo 🙋   are you there? It's been a while. I'm looking around and so much has changed on Blogger I feel like I need a map. I hope everyone has been/is safe and well during all of this craziness. Hugs to anyone who needs one.

I'm not sure how to start today so I am just going to jump in. 2020 started with a new roof and a little building work here at seaside studios - I am so grateful to the chaps who got everything finished with days to spare before the first lockdown. Before I knew it homeschool started and took up all my time. (A big shoutout to wonderful teachers everywhere who do such an amazing job each and every day! As well as all the other people who have worked tirelessly throughout these terribly hard times.) I was just starting to feel like there was light at the end of the tunnel and yet it seems a third wave is under way here in the UK sadly. I didn't do a whole lot of painting or printing for chunks of last year but things are underway again at a better pace. So here I am..


Printing bubbles in ink - experiment page in sketchbook ©2020LisaLeQuelenec


What I did manage to do consistantly was fill sketchbooks with lots of thumbnails and ideas so there is lots to work through and explore. One theme that I did explore was bubbles...so much talk about living in 'bubbles' to stop infection, school bubbles, family bubbles etc thoughts about 'currents', 'waves' of infection, 'I don't want to burst your bubble'...all words that until last year I had only really thought about in a positive light had now become quite dark and menacing. Bubbles, however, remain protecting, strong/fragile, positive something beautiful to treasure. 

I remember watching a documentary quite a few years ago by oceanographer Helen Czerski called 'Pop! The science of bubbles '. I made lots of notes at the time and I dug out that book and rewatched the film. It's very good, I recommend it, you can find it on Youtube. Whilst about ocean bubbles and behaviour it gave me much food for thought.



Drypoint and drawing bubbles experiment page in sketchbook ©2020LisaLeQuelenec

It also gave me a very good reason to experiment and play, it's a messy and joyous job making inky bubbles and lots and lots of fun which felt much needed. If you need a lift try blowing bubbles, especially if you have an overexcited dog and child in the vicinity.

Pen thumbnails sketchbook studies ©2020LisaLeQuelenec

Gradually all these little snippets and thoughts have evolved into a couple of prints in drypoint and monoprint. I felt like I needed to make very time specific work to record this period. So much awfulness and on the flipside some positives too from it in the way communities have come together, collaboration between scientists to get vaccines developed, sharing of data, knowledge and resources. I hope the duality of the title speaks of this.  

As I print the full edition of 10 prints of 'Bubbles for 2020' I will put them on sale in my Folksy shop. The price of the print  £30GBP  (excluding postage) I will donate to the British Red Cross Global Coronavirus Appeal. I hope to add to this positivity.

All prints will be available here.

Bubbles for 2020  drypoint print    ©2020LisaLe Quelenec

Just as an aside....I apologise for any spelling errors. I can't find the spellcheck in this new format. If someone could give me the heads up as to where it is I would be very grateful.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy week.