Thursday, 27 September 2018

Making shapes

Watercolour sketches   watercolour   ©2018LisaLeQuelenec

My little bundle of happiness on four paws has been making some interesting shapes as she explores her world.

*note to self - you can justify puppy watching as research if you have a sketchbook and brush in hand ;o)

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Headland - a new etching

Headland   etching 6x6cm   ©2018LisaLeQuelenec

I love the super strong contrasts of light on the ocean that you get after a heavy downpour and the energy and exhilaration as you wait in anticipation for the next bout to come. So inspiring, even though it can make your eyes ache for the relief in the shadows.

This etching is available on Etsy at Seaside Studios UK.

Saturday, 8 September 2018


Bubbles   etching 3x6cm   ©2018LisaLeQuelenec

A new miniature etching. It seems the universal appeal of bubbles and children also extends to puppies. Much fun has been had with a squirt of dish soap, some water and a couple of bubble wands. It's a race to see who can pop them first.

Prints from this edition are available at Seaside Studios UK Etsy  and at Seaside Studios UK Folksy

A toothy grin   ©2018LisaLeQuelenec

Summer fun is fast drawing to a lil prince starts his first day of school next week! The cute little puppy that came home with us is now toothy and sassy....and I am left wondering where did that time go? I couldn't resist showing you this puppy grin. New teeth are on their way.