Thursday 29 September 2016

New reproduction prints now available

Images available on Fine Art America  ©2016LisaLeQuelenec

This last few weeks has seen me updating images on to my Red Bubble store and also making images available to buy through Fine Art America. The images are available in a number of different formats both framed and unframed, on canvas, as cards and also on other products. It is very easy to order from either site and both companies have money back guarantees.

It has been interesting to me to see the work in a portfolio view like this (almost like an online exhibition) to see the themes and connections between the pieces. It also has given me ideas for new work so another few pages have been filled up in my notebook with ideas and thumbnails. It is a lengthy and time consuming process (especially when you get sidetracked with yet another idea) and has kept me away from painting and printing. Over the next few weeks I will be adding more images as time allows. For now back to work...

Thursday 15 September 2016

Evening walkies  ©2016LisaLeQuelenec
Evening Walkies   40x40cm acrylic on canvas board   ©2016LisaLeQuelenec ©2016lisalequelenec
Dogs and walkers sketchbook page   ©2016LisaLeQuelenec

Sketchbooks are very precious to me. Pages like this one come in very useful as references for paintings sometimes months or years later. Looking through the pages remind me of the location, thoughts and feelings, the light and colours and many more details that wouldn't be apparent to anyone else looking at quick and sometimes clumsy pencil sketches.

Evening Walkies is available here;

Thursday 8 September 2016

Summer's whisper
Summer's Whisper   acrylic on canvas 50x50cm   ©2016LisaLeQuelenec

Summer's Whisper - tonal value check ©2016LisaLeQuelenec

Inspired by a walk I had during the summer on a long hazy warm beach with just a gentle breeze for company. Very tranquil and relaxing...

It has been some time since I have painted on a larger scale and it was nice to stretch my wings a little. I have included a black and white photo of the finished piece to show the tonal range. I often take photos and convert them to black and white as I paint a piece so that I can check the tonal values as a painting progresses.

This new deep edged box canvas is available on Etsy at Seaside Studios UK.