Thursday 10 November 2022

Stormy seas in mixed media


Inspired by the recent minute the sky is ominously black, the wind is howling and the downpours begin, wellies are a must to negotiate the minute blinding bright sunshine.


Racing Home    17x11.5cm mixed media    ©2022LisaLeQuelenec


All pictures are available in my Folksy Store.



Green Wave    17x11.5cm mixed media    ©2022LisaLeQuelenec

After the storm passed   17x11.5cm mixed media    ©2022LisaLeQuelenec

Thursday 3 November 2022

New Page Tab - Coastal & Quotes 2022


Heading to the beach ©LisaLeQuelenec2022

I have enjoyed building a collection again over the course of this year and as much as the planning and painting giving me lots to think about, the curating of the pieces - their running order and how they could be placed on walls has also been food for thought. I think I will work on another collection in this way next year, I already have a few ideas in mind, one is quite different to October's.... 

As these two photos show, if the weather the last couple of days is anything to go by there may not be quite so much time to research comfortably outside so there might be a bit more inspiration coming from things gathered and brought home. 

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed this collection of paintings and thank you for following along. All the paintings from October are available for sale in my Folksy store here.  To see the collection in its entirety I have made a separate page here on the blog, just click on the tab at the top.

And leaving pretty quick! ©LisaLeQuelenec2022