Friday 30 August 2013

Sea and sky and sketching....

Sketching sea and sky II   watercolour 15x15cm   ©2013Lisa Le Quelenec

Sketching sea and sky I   watercolour 15x15cm   ©2013Lisa Le Quelenec

Sketching sea and sky III   watercolour 15x15cm   ©2013Lisa Le Quelenec

Trying to plot the subtle changes of colour and fading light in sequence, there was about 20ish minutes between each one. This is going to take some practise and is a lesson in speeding up.

Thursday 22 August 2013

Tuesday's moon

What a treat to see such a bright and beautiful full moon on Tuesday. It was a stunner! There's not been much time for painting this last couple of weeks but I have managed a bit of sketching... I like making back runs in the clouds.

Tuesday's moon sketchbook page   watercolour   ©2013Lisa Le Quelenec

For some interesting factoids about this Blue Moon and its other names click here. The next one isn't until 2015!

Thursday 8 August 2013

Sketchbook page

Sketchbook page   watercolour and ink   ©2013Lisa Le Quelenec

The pattern on this little piece of sea worn china has been fascinating me. The cracks in the glaze and the way that the colour has slowly faded and worn away is so beautiful to my eye. I enjoy looking for these little found abstracts that, to me, have so much history and meaning. I wonder at what kind of vessel this piece came from and who made it and used it and how?  For what purpose? How did it end up in the sea and how far and for how long did it travel? I found it, put it in my pocket and then it traveled over the sea this time to end up on my desk reminding me of a walk at the beach, time spent with my family. My sister is an archaeologist and researches the answers to these kinds of questions for the things that she digs up from the earth....... these thoughts must run in the family.

(Apologies for the orientation of the picture - gremlins have turned it landscape instead of portrait again.)

Tuesday 6 August 2013

Dancing light, a big surprise and an exhibition

Saturday saw the opening of the Christchurch Art Guild summer exhibition at Priory House. I knew there was going to be a lot of exciting work on show in a wide variety of subjects and media and had been really looking forward to it. Imagine my utter surprise when I was awarded the the Brian Mead Award for this painting! My jaw hit the floor at the announcement and His Nibbs had to give me a push to go and receive the trophy.

Summer's Dancing Light   acrylic on board 80x34cm   ©2013 Lisa Le Quelenec

Sadly this is the last exhibition to be held at this venue as it will be undergoing refurbishment and put to a new use. The exhibition runs until 17th August and is open from 10-5pm daily (except Sunday) so there is plenty of time to visit. It's well worth it with a gorgeous selection of artwork to view.