Wednesday 29 March 2017

100 ammonites virtual exhibition - a sneaky peek!

Exhibition opens 6th April 2017....

100 ammonites project a sneaky peek ©2017LisaLeQuelenec

I hope you will join me here next week.

Monday 20 March 2017

A trip to Jersey

Snaps from a quick break in Jersey   ©2017LisaLeQuelenec

There is nothing like taking a break from a big project and coming back refreshed. A quick trip to Jersey has done this for me and now I am ready for the home run of finishing up the loose ends. I can't wait to share this one with you.

I have competition for finding treasure on the beach now as someone has started his own collection ;o)  . New wellies were put to the test as we explored the rockpools at Green Island finding shrimp, crabs, a blenny and tickling sea anenomes. Holes were dug, castles built and destroyed; shells, stones, seaglass and seaweed collected - that was just me.... I didn't do any sketching at all and only opened a sketchbook to press some seaweed inbetween the pages. As a result I have a lovely damp, beach smelling sketchbook - ah well inspiration takes many forms....

Now back to work.

Wednesday 1 March 2017

Gathering storm sketchbook pages

Storms Doris and Ewan whilst wet and windy passed us by in February without too much damage down here. I don't think they were quite so lucky further north unfortunately.

The following are a couple of sketchbook snippets from the wild weather last week playing with tone and markmaking which seems to be a theme developing in my work recently. I am working on finishing a rather large project which is occupying rather a lot of time at the moment and so sketchbook work has been a little distraction whilst taking a break.

Sketchbook snippet - across the marsh   watercolour 12x12cm approx   ©2017LisaLeQuelenec

February storm   watercolour in a6 sketchbook   ©2017LisaLeQuelenec