Wednesday 22 September 2021

Transitions collagraphs


Transitions I - V  collagraphs xcm ©2021LisaLeQuelenec


I love this time of year when the light mellows from summer to autumn. Mornings of mist and earlier evenings, colours change subtley at first and all the summer green retreats to gold and bronze. This is the time of the harvest moon, still time to pick the last berries from the hedgerows before the late autumn storms that will arrive. We have had so little rain here now for weeks, the fields where I walk have looked parched for a while and the ground is so hard. For now I will enjoy the autumn sun and look forward to the storms that will eventually come. The wild weather that churns the sea and throws pockets full of treasure to the shore for a different kind of hunting and gathering.


All five prints are available in my Folksy store here.

Transition I collagraph 16x24cm ©2021LisaLeQuelenec

Transition II collagraph 16x24cm ©2021LisaLeQuelenec

Transition III collagraph 16x24cm ©2021LisaLeQuelenec

Transition IV collagraph 16x24cm ©2021LisaLeQuelenec

Transition V collagraph 16x24cm ©2021LisaLeQuelenec

Details Transitions I - V collagraphs 16x24cm ©2021LisaLeQuelenec

Sunday 5 September 2021

Sea Breeze - collagraph print triptych


 I'm not sure what is happening with Blogger at the moment. I thought I had posted this last week but it seems it just saved into drafts. Also I can't seem to post comments!?! Maybe it's me, I'm finding the newish format a bit difficult. Has anyone else had any problems? 

Sea Breeze II   collagraph 14.5cmx14.5cm   ©2021LisaLeQuelenec


A new set of collagraphs inspires by watching kite surfers one evening. I started to think about how I could represent the sea breeze that so many people were having fun playing in. I could have watched them for hours whizzing along jumping and twisting as the sun was going down. It was both exhilarating and peaceful at the same time.

I started with some grey board and used acrylic medium, carborundum grit and aluminium tape to make shapes before inscribing into the board to make some intaglio marks. Just for an experiment I cut away some pieces of the base board to make gaps within the picture frame too. I haven't done this before but may again in the future. Below are the plates ready to be inked after they had been sealed in acrylic medium.


Cardboard collagraph plates for Sea Breeze I, II and III ©2021LisaLeQuelenec


I inked them up in a mixture of intaglio (getting ink within the indentations) and relief ( a different colour rolled over the raised surfaces) techniques. I printed a set of five from each plate and all of them are quite different in variations.

Sea Breeze I, II & III collagraph varied edition ©2021LisaLeQuelenec

Sea Breeze I, II & III collagraph varied edition ©2021LisaLeQuelenec

Below are the plates with their patina of inks - a history of colour and process.

Collagraph plates for Sea Breeze I, II & III  ©2021LisaLeQuelenec

Sea Breeze   collagraph 10.5x14.5cm varied edition   ©2021LisaLeQuelenec


I will have some prints from each edition in my Folksy and Etsy stores.

Best wishes for a creative week.