Thursday, 30 August 2012

1 day left until the giveaway

Sketching at Southbourne   watercolour 12.5x20cm approx   ©2012 Lisa Le Quelenec

The thing about having visitors from out of town to stay is that you get to behave like a tourist yourself. Last week we went on trips all around the local area taking in the New Forest, Tyneham Village, Exbury Gardens and  Durlston. 

Tyneham Village I especially looked forward to. I had wanted to go there ever since I had first heard about it. The whole village was commandeered by the War Office in 1943 to be used as a firing range to train the troops, whilst it was supposed to be a temporary measure it is still used for training now and can only be visited at certain times.

School room window Tyneham Village

Some of the buildings are just shells but a great job has been done restoring some of the farm buildings, the church and the school building. There are signs telling the stories of the families that lived there with their photographs. I loved looking at the school building with it's little row of pegs for the children's coats, their nameplate by it's side with a little drawing. It's definitely worth a visit if you are in Dorset and Worbarrow Bay is just a short walk.

I did manage a couple of sketches whilst out gadding about and having a lovely time. One of which was Anvil Point Lighthouse  it was so windy I had a job keeping my sketchbook open. Halfway through His Nibbs got out his phone to take a picture.  

 It's just one more day to go before the give away draw so don't forget to post a comment on the previous post at this link to be in with a chance.

Sketching Anvil Point Lighthouse   photograph   ©2012 His Nibbs

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bloggoversary 2

A silent sea acrylic on paper 15x22cm ©2012 Lisa Le Quelenec
Today I am raising a coffee mug to 2 years of blogging. When I look at numbers I find it astonishing I mean really.. 38,855 page views? That is incredible. What is even more incredible and cannot be quantified are the friends that have been made and just how many people have touched my life through this medium. I may never get to meet them in 'the real' but I appreciate all their support and kindness.

In celebration of being a part of this amazing community I would like to offer up this painting in a giveaway. It will come mounted in a pale cream board wrapped in cellophane.

To be in with a chance of winning just leave a comment at the end of this post (if the lovely people who have, previous to this post, subscribed as followers want to join in I will add their names twice to double their chances of winning).

All names will be written on pieces of paper and popped into a hat, ‘His Nibbs’ will pick a name on Friday August 31st  2012 at 9.30pm (UK time). The winner will be announced the following day. I will then contact you to find out the address the painting is to be posted to and will happily send it 2nd class post within the UK or standard airmail anywhere in the world at my cost. Should the painting get lost or damaged in transit I cannot be held responsible - I will get proof of postage. (I know the last bit sounds a little official, whilst I do not expect any problems of this sort I just wanted to cover myself for circumstances outside of my control.)
***Please note the copyright of this painting remains my property and does not transfer to the winner**

There won't be any posts until the draw as I will be taking a break to enjoy some time with some visitors who are coming to stay. Have a great couple of weeks and good luck to those who enter.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Celebrating and reaching mile stones

Last Saturday I celebrated winning first in show in the 'Postcards from Christchurch' Exhibition at the  Red House Museum. The Exhibition is on until 15th September and is a wonderful mix of painting, photography, collage, painting on china and textiles in many different styles and of many different subjects. What each art work has in common is the format which is 6x4inch. The way that each artist has approached this format is so diverse and makes for an interesting show which is well worth a visit.

I was in such a rush to get the paintings for this show delivered that I forgot to get a photograph of them. I will update this post later with one.  In the meantime as I hate to post with out any images I thought I'd share a photograph of this wonderful view from the beach at Southbourne. The rain never came but the sky did feel very dramatic.

From Southbourne beach ©2012 Lisa Le Quelenec
Today I reached a mile stone - 100 pieces of work in my Etsy gallery . An achievement, not just the number but the steps that I had to take to get there. As with everything the first one was the hardest. I like being part of the Etsy community and it gives me a real thrill to be able to personally send work direct to people anywhere in the world.

Thursday will be the 2nd year bloggoversary for Seaside Studios - another milestone which I think is well worth celebrating. I hope to see you then.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Waiting II

Waiting II acrylic on paper 16x26cm ©2012 Lisa Le Quelenec

I finished the partner to my previous posts painting over the weekend. Both are now double mounted in a textured white board and available in my Etsy gallery  here .  In the coming months I think there will be more Venetian paintings. I see these as a continuation of the themes in my work - light on water, spatial and quiet contemplative depth - just maybe a new arm.

An artist whose work I admire who often talks of working from memory is Loriann Signori. Her latest post here on working in a series very eloquently and succinctly describes the power of producing a body of work in this way. You can see very clearly from her new  website  the themes and relationships running through her work.