Friday 30 May 2014

A quick sketch - Daisies

Daisy sketch 12x14cm pen and wash ©2014Lisa Le Quelenec

'On tiptoe walked she in the sun
Until, our eyes to greet,
A fallen constellation we
Discovered at our feet.
Before us white and wonderful
The daisies gleamed so bright...'


Every year I enjoy watching the daisies spring up before the first mowing. His Nibbs leaves it a couple of weeks longer for me to enjoy before starting the daisy massacre. He has been known to leave me a couple of patches which get cut at the second mowing. I'll let you into a secret.... last year I planted a couple of bits that I had dug up from the grass into the flower bed. This year they are very well established and have spread. They look so cheerful and the leaves have given what was a bare patch a lovely green covering. The official line is, 'I wonder how they got there...'.  ;o)


Thursday 22 May 2014

I'm back..... and a quick introduction.

Jack aka Prince Twinkle of the Toes

What a wonderful, busy, tiring, crazy, emotional, awe inspiring time I have been having over the last few months. Our beautiful son Jack, aka Prince Twinkle of the Toes (aren't they delicious?) arrived on Halloween, our anniversary - we couldn't have planned it better. We have had a lovely time getting to know each other and settling in as a family. His arrival has brought much joy and many changes to our lives, all for the better. 

I really must say a huge thank you to the medical team at Poole Maternity Hospital for the excellent care that they took of us both before and after the birth. They really were stars! Everyone was so kind, helpful and caring - thank you for keeping us safe, we are truly grateful.

A big thank you too, from the bottom of our hearts to everyone for all the messages of congratulations, kind thoughts and gifts. They have all meant so much to me and my little family.

Now it is late spring and the swallows have arrived and so I know it is time to get back to work. Gently at first, I feel like I will be easing myself into it. My new studio assistant will need to learn the routines (I will need to find new ones that work for the both of us.) One of the many changes is that I now must work in much shorter and more concentrated bursts of time so I am aiming for blog posts once a week for the next few months and will see how I go from there. I'm looking forward to getting back to work and definitely looking forward to getting back to blogging.