Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow day in Dorset


The view from my windows this morning along with some of my feathered friends who are all looking a little bewildered. It's unusual to get snow like this down here although we did have some earlier in the year. I cleared the snow and topped up the bird feeders and water as soon as I got up this morning and they've been busy getting extra calories to keep out the cold.

Back to work now for me, I'm not sure I can use the excuse of a 'snow day' when I work from home ;o)


WILLIE...! said...

Ah! Lovely photo's.
Yes, l was at the back door this morn'in at 4:30, with a mug of lemon tea. Threw a bit of bird seed down, as usual, not a dicky-bird in site, probably still in bed, where l should have been. But, they were about later, bobb'in up and down, and one who always stay's on the BBQ.
Well, l'm off to my local for another lemon tea, (Earl Gray)of course. AND, a dough-nut.....! :)
Love the poppies by the way....

Sherrie Y said...

Believe it or not, we're still waiting for a snow day here in my part of the Rockies. It can hold off a bit longer, though, as we've quite a lot of driving to do the next couple of weeks.

It's quite fun to scroll the page and go from subtle winter colors to those bright and colorful poppies! I like your cropped composition a great deal... think of the impact if you painted it BIG!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Morning Willie, I hope you kept nice and warm this weekend it was quite a chilly one.

Hi Sherrie, funny to think that we got snow (it disappeared after a couple of days here although the rest of the country still has lots and more on the way) and you are still waiting. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it stays away for you until after your trip.

I find after a few days of cold grey days I start to crave bright colours and I thought I'd let myself indulge in a little red. This little sketch has been added to the ever increasing pile of 'paintings-in-waiting' to embiggen. (love that word)