Thursday, 17 February 2011

Still life continued..

This was the stage that I got to late yesterday. I added more bottle shapes, repeating the same shape painting it in and painting around to get some contrast in positive and negative. That big circle still needed to be resolved and I thought that one way to do it would be to repeat it elsewhere in the composition but changing the scale and tone. I also wanted to repeat the stripes of the central green vessel, so I've combined these elements.

For colour contrast I've used tiny lines of chrome orange watercolour pencil, you can hardly see them but they vibrate so well next to the lime and turquoise that they are making a big difference overall. On the lower right corner I built up another layer in the pencil pigment shaving.

mixed media on board 24x28cm
©2011 Lisa Le Quelenec
 So this is the final painting. I can see this becoming an unexpected project as there are ideas coming that I would like to explore and develop.

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