Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Bright moon rising - after adjustments

After a few days of living with this painting, and two very good critiques from other artists I set to work on adjusting certain aspects. The tonal contrast was too severe and the light needed to be softened somewhat. As I'm sure you know, when adjusting an areas tone or colour the rest then needs to be worked on to make the painting work as a whole.

I followed Roger's suggestion of hinting at the soft halo that surrounds the moon, it's made the piece seem much more peaceful, (which was what I was aiming for initially) and gives more of a glow to the cloud area. As the horizon dropped there was a too much of a gap in the right hand sky area which was upsetting the balance to my eye and so I've added in another cloud mass to off set it. The light is merely a whisper on this one as it is so much further back in the sky.

His Nibbs then passed by, took one look and pointed out that whatever I had done to the rocks in the foreground they were now floating above the sky. They are now safely anchored to the sand and won't be tripping anyone up - can't be having that ...Health and Safety.

Bright Moon Rising
acrylic on canvas board 20x20cm
©2011 Lisa Le Quelenec


Roger Dell Seddon said...

This is a beautiful painting Lisa and the changes you have made have significantly enhanced the original work. Everything now works in unison, The composition,the tones and colours all combine to convey a realistic and atmospheric rendition of a rising moon over a moonlit seascape. Well done. You should be very pleased. Go and have a glass of wine to celebrate.

loriann said...

Beautiful changes.I might also add that a slight softening of the cloud edges, especially on the left bottom would seal the deal. I must admit I really love your works with the sea.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Thank you Roger, I admit I did partake of a glass of red last night ;o) It's so useful to see a painting from someone elses point of view so thank you for the critique and encouragement.

Hi Loriann, the rogue cloud edge has been persuaded into softening, I could only see it after looking at the picture on the 'puter, then it stood out loads. Thank you for the heads up....and making me blush!