Friday, 4 March 2011

Bright moon rising

Inbetween the charcoal studies I've been working on this painting, another for my moonlight series. The title is borrowed from an Edgar Allen Poe poem, I love the lines, 'the moon sparkles with silver, each wave her mirror '. If you have the time, I would really appreciate a critique.

Bright Moon Rising
acrylic on canvas board 20x20cm
©2011 Lisa Le Quelenec


WILLIE........! said...

The Moving Moon Went Up The Sky,
And Nowhere Did Abide;
Softely She Was Going Up,
And A Star Or Two Beside--
(Part of an equally famous poem)

And, what a coincidence, to-night is.......The New Moon.....!

Your seascapes are really lovely Lisa. Once again the the sea, the clouds, all seem to move.....!
The whole thing.....Moves.....!
(Well, certainly moves me).

Roger Dell Seddon said...

Hello Lisa. I hope you have enjoyed your week end. The weather down here in Dorset has been lovely. I do not feel competent to give a critique on nocturnes as I have never painted one, but will do the best I can for you. My overall impression of your acrylic painting is good and you should be pleased with what you have achieved. Perhaps it is just the photo, but the horizon does appear to slope from left to right a tadge and I think the composition would have more impact if the horizon was set a little lower. I might even be tempted to say higher for even greater dramatic effect.Also, I think the overall effect would be more convincing if the dark sky was a tone lighter and the clouds toned down to suit. Finally, if it were my painting I think I would reduce the size of the moon very slightly but show the faint, almost ethereal glow that tends to appears around the moon's circumference. I hope you don't mind these comments. You asked for a critique and this is the best I can offer without majoring exclusively on praise.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Thank you Willie for the reminder of Coleridge and your kind comments on the painting. (I hadn't realised that it was a new moon.)

Hi Roger, thank you for the feedback. I've just double checked the painting and the wonky horizon is due to my poor photography skills - oops.

You've hit the nail on the head with two habits that I'm trying to break, I get too dark too soon and I need to break away from hard edges. I really appreciate the time that you've taken to critique the painting for me, it's really useful to see it with someone elses eyes.