Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Looking backwards, moving forwards

oil on panels diptych 100x100cm
©1997 Lisa Le Quelenec

After my last post I went back through my old sketchbooks from my college days. One in particular from the end of my course is jam packed with ideas, snippets and all sorts of stuff - even part of a used polystyrene coffee cup which I'd taped in because I like the way the coffee had dried in the crevices. It was my everything book, notes, quotes, sketches and painting plans - every inch of paper covered. In the part where I was sketching out roughs for this painting I'd noted - mark making is too important an element to lose!!! - I still need to remember this.

A few pages later was this quote;

'Don't think all the time that everything must be pointless if it lacks an abstract thought or idea'

(It was the time of the Sensation show in London and our tutors were 'encouraging' us to go with the flow of work that needed to shock or be sensationalist to be ART. - I never wanted to be a part of that - it was a quiet rebellion adding in this quote.)

Fast forward a few years and I was loosening up even more, delighting in surface quality, mixing materials playing more with colour, even throwing paint around at times. I think I need to get back to this ( maybe not throwing the paint so much). So I'm going to take loriann's advice and and just do some studies purely about mark making. My main aim is to reconnect with materials and have fun with it.

Now I hate the idea of posting without images so here's another painting, this one from around 2001. I've used sand, texture paste, handmade papers, acrylic ink, acrylic paint, glaze medium, metallic ink and probably a other things that I've forgotten. (The areas that look slightly grey are a bronze coloured ink that's shy about having it's picture taken.)

Sunset Surf
acrylic on canvas 70x70cm
© 2001 Lisa Le Quelenec

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