Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sketching at Kimmeridge

A beautiful warm spring day, perfect for sketching at Kimmeridge. The sun warmed the rocks and provided a perfect spot to sketch the the view to Clavell Tower. I love the patterns of cracks in the flat rock beds, the larger ones making it seem almost like a chequer board. There's lots of rock pools to explore, lots of critters and so many different types of seaweed.

The pencil sketch is a kind of visual note on how to use the cracks in the rocks to lead the eye through the painting. A bit more thought is needed on that to get a proper sense of perspective methinks.


watercolour and coloured pencils sketch


Roger Seddon said...

It looks as though your day was well spent. What a coincidence. I nearly went out to Kimmeridge myself this morning to sketch.
I like the view from a field entrance half way down the approach road. it looks out over the entire bay and the cottages are a quaint feature. Perhaps see you there sometime.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

I don't often get out that way so it was a bit of a treat. It's a shame that you didn't go, it was a perfect day for it.