Monday, 21 March 2011

Wave Watching II - work in progress...

Wave Watching II
acrylic on board 20x20cm
©2011 Lisa Le Quelenec

The blues were mixed with cobalt and indanthrene in stage 1 and were, I felt, looking too wintry so I glazed with an azure blue mix to warm everything up. Stage 2 is the better version when judging on neutral criteria but I like the the final version with the extra azure glazing which for me makes it more of a balmy summers evening. I think you have to let the painting dictate where it wants to go and this is where it whispered that it wanted to be. Between stage 2 and 3 I didn't touch the sand area but what a difference in it's appearance with the change of blue next to it. I'll spend a little more time just finishing up on the wave areas and post final versions and conclusions later.


Ian Foster said...

I think you have got it spot on with the final version, it is wonderful.
I also fully agree with your remark about letting a painting dictate where it wants to go, although I must admit I sometimes have difficulty in interpreting what it is saying

loriann said...

Great horizon and waves! Good that you listened to the delicate voice of the painting.

Jeanette said...

Good call on adding the azure to the piece, it adds warmth to the piece and really makes the sand stronger.

I agree, the painting always tells us what to do. We just need to listen.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Ian, thank you. I was trying to force this one into staying neutral colours but it was having none of it. I think I'll have to do another to conclude my neutral explorations.

Thank you Loriann, there was nothing delicate about this painting's voice. It screamed at me to go bluer. (but not as rudely as that the colour know what I mean)

Hi Jeanette, thank you. At first I was a bit scared that the azure would be a bit to strong. On reflection I don't think any other blue would have been better.