Monday, 11 April 2011

Counting down the days..

I'm counting down the days at the moment, on Friday I'm attending a workshop by Jane Puckering, there's a link to her website here . I went to a critique that Jane did last year and it was so helpful and interesting that when the opportunity of a workshop came up I jumped at the chance.

Whilst Jane draws on similar subject matter in her work her style is much looser and more about the mark making than mine, I'm hoping this will rub off on me as an aim of mine this year is to embrace colour and texture more in my work. We will be using soft pastels over acrylic which is something that I haven't done before but I am very intrigued to learn about. This weekend I've been working with the sketches that I did at Kimmeridge and building a plan to use at the workshop.


The sketch on the right is pastel and charcoal (I still haven't gotten to grips with the rock surface which in reality is really flat in between the cracks, the bottom half is looking much too bowed for my liking.

For another artist's view of Kimmeridge pop over to Roger Seddon's blog here and here where he share's two beautiful paintings that he's recently done.


Roger Seddon said...

Hi Lisa. Have a good day on Friday. I have looked at Jane's web site and her work is very exciting,lots of good mark making and bold colour. Can't go this time but will attend one of her courses for certain. Many thanks for the plug and kind words about my Kimmeridge efforts. So far as your sketches are concerned there is a risk of two Divas. Which is the main focus, the rock formation or the headland and tower? If the rocks, I think a hint of the other is all that is required. Try treating the cracked rocks as smooth reflecting surfaces and accent on the cracks. Nice sharp edges and shadows in the splits. Looking forward to seeing the result.

Caroline said...

I really love the curve of shaped rock it is leading my eye to the distance. Your purple haze painting is really lovely I actually really like the orange sun it gives a different feel to the painting. Beautiful work Lisa!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Roger thank you for your thoughts, I'm grateful. You're right I've two divas, I've been pondering and I'm thinking that maybe it calls for two paintings - essentially the same view but letting each diva have a shine.

Caroline I'm glad you think the rocks lead the eye through. I'm thinking about verticals in the landscape after all the flat horizontal seascapes I've been painting lately. Thank you for the feedback.