Tuesday, 12 April 2011

River sketch

A tiny sketch from my walk this morning in my shiny new tiny (9x14cm) watercolour sketchbook. Initially I was just going to sketch the reflections and patterns in the ripples but added in the reeds and grasses at the last minute which is why the white line of the binding is showing. I used watercolour and watercolour pencil in both wet paint and on top of dry washes. I must remember to take a white oil pastel with me next time to use as a resist to get a bit more sparkle in the water. My handy grab and go sketching kit will be getting bigger it seems ;o)

Whilst I was sketching a swan glided past, he would have seemed most elegant if it wasn't for the long piece of weed trailing from his beak like spaghetti.


Roger Seddon said...

You are very organised having a grab and go sketching kit and this is a good start for your new book. Enjoy your day on Friday with Jane. I hope you will post some of the day's work afterwards.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Roger thank you. I'm looking forward to Friday so much I couldn't settle to work today so have been priming boards instead, a dull but necessary job. I'll post all about the workshop and the discoveries made.