Monday, 9 May 2011

Completed Reeds and reflections WIP

Reeds and Reflections
acrylic on board 34x37cm
©2011 Lisa Le Quelenec

After resting my eyes from this painting for a few days I returned to it and can now call it finished. Edges have been softened and colours adjusted (especially in the two back reeds). My aim at the start was to paint the soft, golden light which I think I have achieved. The lightest areas still photograph as very white but have been glazed with raw sienna and so are more golden in the actual painting.

One of the things that attracts me to the reeds is the range of colours that they contain. In the painting there are many small passages of colour ranging from blue to green as well as magenta but with unifying glazes of siennas the overall impression is of the soft sandy ochre which is what you first see. Had I not used so many colours in painting this area I think it would look a lot flatter and lifeless. My palette is usually much more restricted and it has been an interesting process to use more colours whilst still trying to keep a harmony between them. (I think I have achieved this, I hope that you agree.) Nine colours were used overall; naples yellow, cadmium yellow, raw sienna, burnt sienna, quinacridone magenta, burnt umber, azure, indanthrene and zinc white.


Roger Seddon said...

My word, this has taken on a whole new persona, and is quite a dramatic change from the original concept. I like your finished acrylic painting very much and the colours you have chosen harmonise very well. I can tell you are pleased with the result and I am happy for you. My only negative comment (sorry but a balanced view is what it's all about) is that I think the result would have been even better and more dramatic if you had selected a canvas of different proportion. Portrait format, same width but increased depth. This would allow the hidden lower stalks of the main reeds and also the adjacent bank side reeds (painted so well where seen) to be incorporated on the additional canvas area. This I think would have more impact and maximise the impression of depth. My honest opinion only for what it is worth.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Roger, thank you - balance is always good. I can see what you mean, I was trying to 'go with' the idea of standing right in the middle of the reed bed, having them at nose tickling height. It seems that this will turn out to be a series of work so a portrait format may be next. Thank you for the feedback.

Roger Seddon said...

This will make a lovely series and I am sorry if I have bowled a googlie because I did not fully appreciate your wellies on approach.

Caroline said...

Hi lisa, this really is looking very striking and beautiful. Well done for working on, the water, the foreground reeds are perfect. I still would like to see the distant reeds softer and more in the distance, so that the front reeds would really stand out more and more gently too. However that is just my thoughts on it. (doing a Roger!)

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Roger, bowled a googlie.. :o) not at all. It's all good feedback and food for thought. Without feedback you can never improve.

(I promise to leave my wellies at home on Friday.) -it would be a good name for a series though... 'Weeds and Wellies'.

Hi Caroline, thank you. In the next painting I'll go for more softness/subtlety and aim for more push and pull in the depth. Thank you for the comments.