Monday, 2 May 2011

More reeds and reflections WIP

I've been working on the main reeds today, trying to keep in mind that it isn't about the details in them but about the light. When I was out sketching I couldn't help noticing just how many different colours they contain. At first glance they are a pale ochre/sand but as you look closer there is a lot of purple, blue grey and even magenta at this time of year and many differences in tone.

The colours I've been using so far to build up the tones are raw and burnt sienna, naples yellow and burnt umber. In the next stage I'm thinking of using quinacridone violet and cadmium yellow but I will make some test pieces first. I need to soften the reed stalks and build up more on the left and will add ripples in the top right to show the recession in the reflection of the opposite bank.


Caroline said...

Great to see the stages leading up to the finished reed painting. I think the painting has a quiet and intimate feeling of being very close to nature. Was the light that white on the water? light has a strange way of being so shining at times that it appears bright white on the water, yet the lovely warm peach colour in the mid to far left of the painting is also a lovely light too. Of course so much depends on what time of the day it is. The reflection of the distant reeds is very nice and I especially like the shape of the front leafed reeds, it is as if they are pointing the viewer to the light in the water. Very nice colours throught out.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Caroline, thank you for the feedback. The sparkley light was bright on the water it hurt my eyes to look at it. In the painting I think I will soften it down a touch with a final glaze. I'm aiming for a softer painting than it appears at the moment and I'm building up the reeds and adding more in. Progress has been slow today :o) Hope you've had a productive day.