Friday, 27 May 2011

Working into river monoprints

Remember the monoprints from the beginning of the month? Well following a suggestion from Vivien  (thank you :o) )I've been working back into them with soft pastel. Initially I was thinking of using watercolour with them as the prints were made with oil based paint and so would work as a resist. Pastel has given some really interesting results. I particularly like the way the pastel marks are broken up by the texture of the oil. I've got lots more prints to work with so will try the initial plan using watercolour next. (after getting all the exhibition work together I'm really enjoying having some time out to play with materials, these experiments are suggesting fresh new ways forward.)


Above are the original monoprints, the process I used to make them is  here


vivien said...

looking good!!!
I'm glad you enjoyed the combination

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Vivien, thank you! It's been really interesting to do.