Friday, 8 July 2011

Feather studies

I've been busy today adding some small observational studies of feathers that I've done in watercolours to my Etsy shop. My poor shop has been very neglected, I opened it in October and then with all the exhibitions that I've been involved in I'd only managed to add a few paintings to it. These are the studies that are available to buy individually in store here .

Feather Studies
watercolour on paper individual size 11x15cm approx
©2011 Lisa Le Quelenec 
The paper I used is made by Aquari in Spain and is absolutely beautiful to work on. It has a lovely texture to it and I really like the deckle edge. I'd bought a small pack when I was travelling quite some time ago and had been saving it for something special.

My home is full of little collections of things picked up, stowed in a pocket and carried home. Feathers, shells, bits of sea worn china and jars filled with sea glass, driftwood, pine cones and pebbles. They all come in useful for observation studies which I really enjoy. Sometimes when thinking about what colours to choose for a particular painting I'll turn to some of these objects and use them for palette inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, what a fab idea and looks great! Did you see Olivia's and Jane's feathers on the 100 Washes Challenge blog? The paper sounds really nice...can you buy it in the UK? Thanks for your reply about canvas.

Michael Bailey said...

Lisa, how do you paint such beautiful fine detail - it's a mystery to me! That paper looks superb and quite heavy - I guess it must be handmade. Super idea to have a collection of things that you find to use for inspiration and reference.

Jeanette said...

I've drawn feathers but never painted them. You've made it look simple and have captured the softness and texture so well with these.

The paper sounds lovely. I have a little bit of handmade paper from India that sounds similar, but a manila colour.

Your home sounds a bit like mine, filled with found treasures. And you're right, they do provide inspiration and ideas for colours.

vivien said...

these are lovely and the presentation on the deckle edged paper perfect

I love drawing/painting feathers :>)

and my Etsy shop has also been sadly neglected - feathers were a good seller so I have no doubt these will be a winner

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Maggie, thank you. I do remember seeing Olivia's feathers but had to go back to see Jane's. Somehow I must have missed the post. You've all done some amazing work on the challenge. I really wish I'd taken the plunge and asked to join in. The aquari paper is lovely, below is the website for the company, I should have included it in the post... oops!

Wow Michael, thank you :o).. the paper is I would guesstimate to be about a 250gram. It's really lush to paint on although quite thirsty.

Hello Jeanette, thank you. It's funny I've painted them but not really sat down to draw them (although I guess these could be called watercolour drawings in a way). Out of interest is the paper you've got made by Khadi? I've bought a pack to try as it looks quite similar.

Hi Vivien, thank you. Fingers crossed they are a winner, I need to fund a new paper habit that seems to have started ;o) I really enjoyed painting them and would like to do some more.
I think the thing with Etsy is that in the beginning I just didn't appreciate how long it would take to get things listed with the photos, write-up etc. Although that's quick in comparison with thinking up 14 tags...

Theresa Evans said...

I love these! Your brushwork is lovely and the presentation on the deckled paper is very attractive :)

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Theresa, thank you. I thought the deckle edge was so lovely that it just had to stay. I'm glad you liked it too.