Friday, 19 August 2011

A day at the Red House Museum

Today I did a silly thing..... I was demonstrating along with a group of other artists and crafts people at an event at the Red House Museum in Christchurch and I forgot to take my camera! There were all sorts of things like wood carving, pottery and lace making going on. It was a really enjoyable day but I have no photos to share of the things being demonstrated :o(

Yesterday the Bournemouth area was hit with a storm and flash floods which caused rather a lot of damage and as I was standing on a chair catching the water coming through my workroom ceiling I thought today's event would be cancelled. However it's been a beautiful summers day and you wouldn't have guessed how waterlogged the day before had been.

The one thing I can show you is a picture of the painting I was working on today. I've used some really unusual (for me ) colours in this piece, I think I'm getting braver. As well as the usual naples yellow and indanthrene blue there is quinacridone burnt orange (yum), quinacridone deep purple and permanent rose (yikes!) all of which are strong colours but with lots of glaze medium added and scumbled together across the slightly toothy surface of the board I think have worked quite well. I would say that this painting is at about the halfway mark. There is more scumbling and glazing to do and a lot of work on the water but I'm happy that it's heading in the right direction. My aim is for a soft but excitingly coloured glow.

Untitled W.I.P
acrylic on board 44x47.5cm


Michael Bailey said...

This is looking gorgeous already, Lisa. Very nice palette of both warm and cool colours too. I really love how you capture the sea - the breaking wave on this one is superb. I had heard about the floods in Bournemouth and hoped you and Roger were both ok :) The heavens opened here last night too but today has been blistering hot - very odd :)

Anonymous said...

Lisa, this one makes me want to get those Interactives out again!!!!! Maybe I will pursue them more in the winter when I have to paint indoors rather than in my garden studio which does not have heat. Wish you had taken your camera, as it sounds like a wonderful event, and it would have been great to see this in stages. In my opinion I wouldn't do too much more to it...this one is one after my own heart (lol)..... Maybe we can be e-mail art pals during the winter and prod each other along with our acrylic seascapes. I hope you didn't have too much damage to your studio or roof..... Do you work to an easel or flat like watercolour painting?

Sherrie Y said...

Hmm. Even worse: TAKE the camera and then forget to use it, which is my usual M.O.

If you could please take some of that water and send it here, we would be most grateful. We are parched, parched, parched.

Nice, luscious color palette in this piece... very rich!

Caroline said...

Lisa this is stunning, I love the colour combinations and the simplicity of the seashore.

Victor Errington said...

Hi Lisa.
Just found your Blog on Michaels. If this painting keeps going as it is, at the completion it will be a brilliant painting. I`m looking forward to it. I`m your 32nd follower now. All the best Lisa.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Michael, thank you about the painting. There doesn't seem to be too much damage, the leak seems to be around the chimney. It really did come down here and then the next day was gorgeous.

Hi Maggie, I would love to be acrylicing email pals - that sounds like a great idea and I'll look forward to it. . I think you had some really interesting stuff coming out of the acrylic experiments, it would be a shame to stop.
I tend to work at an easel for paintings larger than a4ish and at a table for smaller. If it's a real biggie though I'll work on the floor (much to the annoyance of my creaking knees).

Hey Sherrie, I'll see what I can do about the rain... we had more today, though nowhere near as heavy. Thank you for stopping by.

Wow! Thank you Caroline :o)

Hi Vic, welcome and thank you for following. I've been working on this painting today and am hoping to have it finished tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
Just thought I'd mention... I'm having a giveaway to celebrate a year blogging. If you'd like to enter drop me a comment in the post previous to this one and I'll enter your name into the draw. Have a great day.

Roger Seddon said...

I was out in a boat in Poole Bay throughout the storm last Thursday and got a proper soaking. It was scary leaving Poole Harbour but the views of the coast, thunder clouds and lightening remain imprinted on my mind. Sometime a painting possibly. This one of yours is coming along very nicely. I like the colours you have chosen and I am pleased you are painting on a larger scale. We had a beautiful Dorset sunset last night didn't we.
Happy blogging anniversary by the way. x

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Wow that must have been an adrenelin rush, it sounds like a whole series of painting material for storms. (I hope you were tied to a mast or something like Turner)Some of the sunsets over the past week have been stunning and I'm itching to try capturing one.
Thank you about the painting, I've quite enjoyed this one.