Monday, 24 October 2011

Walking the dog

Walking the Dog
17x26cm acrylic on paper
©2011 Lisa Le Quelenec

I have finally finished a painting started last September. The image on the right is where I had gotten to. It was a painting that was put aside into the to do pile.

It felt hemmed in with the cloud and the sand ripples competing for space. By making the sky plainer it feels much more open, I think the mood feels much more relaxed. The addition of the dog and owner (I make lots of really quick sketches when I'm at the beach - random marks that just take a few seconds) helps to give it a better sense of scale.

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Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Lisa!... Quite a transformation really... on the positive side of the ledger!

Not only is the final version warmer... but with the seemingly unintentional addition of the smallish figurative elements... it gives the seascape a grander sense of scale... and makes the scene so much more inviting for the distant viewer! A gem!

Gentle proof... that every "litter" bit counts! HA HA!!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

Caroline said...

Hi Lisa I preferred it before, the sky was lovely and I really liked that bright band of blue. The new painting is nice too, very pretty colours. Isn't it amazing what we can achieve with paint, I would not have thought it was the same painting.

Michael Bailey said...

Hi Lisa, I do love the sky in the first one but as you say the ripples and puddles were competing. The final piece though is beautiful, with a warm, harmonious and tranquil feeling. The texture in the sand is awesome!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Morning Bruce, thank you. I'm glad you think it adds to the scale. I so rarely paint figures into my paintings that I'm never sure if it's quite right.

Hi Caroline, ...ooops! I felt the sky had to be sacrificed to make everthing else work. It made me feel claustrophobic looking at it and as I'm always trying to paint big spaces in small paintings it had to go. I love your latest post by the way, the sparkle on the water is beautiful. I looked twice when I read it was watercolour, that must have been a tricky one to paint and yet it looks effortless.

Hello Michael, thank you. It's interesting stuff texture paste, I like the way it breaks up the strokes of colour. I don't use it too often as it's hard wearing on brushes.