Sunday, 22 January 2012

She sells sea shells...

I've been working on some more observation studies of shells. I really enjoy doing these, exploring colours and textures. They are the perfect opportunity to get out the really tiny brushes and to lose myself in details. The paper size is only 11x15cm and is made by Aquari, I love the deckle edge. It is watercolour I usually turn to for these as the delicacy of the media lends itself rather well to the subtle colourings. Tiny highlights of gouache bring them to life.

These paintings are available for sale from my Etsy gallery here , where I have added to them to the studies section. They join what is left of a series of feather studies that I did last year. Unfortunately I have only one sheet left of this paper so I am on the hunt for some more.


RH Carpenter said...

There is something about seashells that makes us fall in love - the delicacy, the impermanence (hard to find one that's not a bit broken), the remembrance of the sea - you've captured these beautifully! I could see all of them matted and framed and gracing someone's seaside cottage walls.

Lydie said...

I love your studies of shells.
It is true that when the weather is clear, the Channel Islands seem very close. 2 times I visited Jersey, 20 years ago and I'd go back, this time with my husband and my sketchbook.

Jeanette said...

I agree, seashells are perfect opportunities to create detail on a small scale. these re beautiful, I love the small/large studies you've created here.

I have bowls and pockets full of shells from beaches and friends. they're irresistable.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hello Rhonda, Thank you, the broken ones are the best to draw ;o)

Hi Lydie, thank you. Just a hop skip and a jump from St. Malo to Jersey.....just saying....treat yourself :o)

Hi Jeanette, thank you. I enjoy playing with scale, I'm thinking of painting one really large.