Monday, 16 January 2012

Warm breeze on a winters day - WIP part 3

Warm Breeze on a Winter's Day
50x50cm acrylic on canvas
©2012 Lisa Le Quelenec

There might be a bit more tweaking to do but I think this painting is now finished. As I type this post the sun is starting to set and the beginnings of an apricot orange sky are starting to show. We have been blessed in Dorset recently with beautiful clear skies and warm golden light toward the end of the day. Friday afternoon at the beach was particularly good, surprisingly warm in the sun and clear sea.

I've warmed up the painting with layers of Liquitex vivid red orange in a scumbled glaze which I also added to the to the water at the shoreline. The sand looks like a very solid block of colour in the photo but the reality is lighter and more varied in colour. The violet/grey neutral of the clouds has been scumble glazed with the orange and the two colours vibrate off each other and glow.

The aim of this painting was to give a warm, positive and uplifting feeling. Have I achieved this? What do you think?

* I think I remember where I had read the Van Gogh quote now, 'Colour - A workshop for artists and designers' by David Hornung... interesting book.


Caroline said...

The painting is looking just lovely. You must be delighted with it. It has been interesting to see the other stages leading up to this one. A good size of image too. Is it on a box canvas or will you be framing it? I would be interested to see what kind of frame you would choose for it.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Caroline, thank you. This one is on a box canvas with the edges painted white. (I rarely continue the painting around the sides when I use these.) Do you use box canvas? And how do you treat the edges?