Thursday, 19 July 2012

On a summer breeze

Swallow sketches on A4ish paper - pentel brush pen ©2012 Lisa Le Quelenec

Every day for some weeks I have been treated to the most breath taking aerial display from some fair weather friends whom I eagerly await every year. This year is the first time I have tried to sketch them. Up high and gliding - so far so good. Up close, flying low and zipping across the garden not so good. Wow they are super fast!

I thought I'd 'cut my teeth' on a painting of the swallows gliding
and work my way up to a closer up to a closer view. I think a lot more practice sketching is in order to be able to do them any justice from closer quarters.

Summer Breeze acrylic on paper 15x10cm ©2012 Lisa Le Quelenec


Vinayak Deshmukh said...

Beautifully done! Thanks for sharing.

Michael Bailey said...

Beautiful painting, Lisa. Looking forward to seeing these ideas develop into a closer view. The sketches make me want to do more with the BrushPen again! It's a wonderful sketching tool don't you think?

Laura Moore said...

Fantastic work Lisa. You have caught the swallows' antics beautifully. I sit watching these birds and their acrobatics for ages sometimes.

vivien said...

you've caught that moment perfectly :>)

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Good morning Vinayak, thank you very much.

Hi Michael, thanks. I love my brush pen, it's great for taking out and about. I love the quality of line that you can get. It seemed perfect for sketching the swallows, unfortunately I'm just not quite quick enough. I thought I might try filming them and taking some stills but I think they may be too quick for my camera. I will keep practicing.

Hi Laura, welcome. There is something about them that just cheers me up. I take so much pleasure in their aerial acrobatics and welcome the warmer, lighter days that they bring.

Thank you Vivien, I've been watching them again this morning. No drawing - just trying to memorise their shapes. Their speed amazes me.

Sergio DS said...

Really beutiful, It remembered me Wilco.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Sergio and welcome. I hadn't heard of this band before. How could I have missed them? - Thank you for the introduction and taking time to comment.