Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Leaf study

Leaf study coloured pencil in a Daler Rowney cachet sketchbook ©2012LisaLeQuelenec

Sometimes the fifteen minute walk to the post office and back can take double or triple that time. This time of year makes it especially long as there are so many of these beauties to pick and choose from on the way. Each specimen seems so much more jewel-like than the last and before you know it your treasure bag (I always have a freezer bag in my pocket or bag for this purpose) is full to the brim. Yesterday was one such day and here is the result. It's amazing to me how fleeting their beauty is - over night this little leaf has dried out, faded and I can see more decay.

During this trip to the post office I also found a pair of acorns that had been stashed in my pocket a couple of weeks ago...... squirrel like? Me?


Sergio DS said...

Really beauty is fleeting, but your watercolor is not.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Sergio, thank you!