Thursday, 8 November 2012

A slice of summer

A slice of summer   20x30cm acrylic on canvas ©2012LisaLeQuelenec 

A little slice of summer....

I didn't really have an end in mind painting this one, I was just enjoying the colour  and light too much. Usually there are sketchbook plans, thumbnails of colour, tone, composition etc Sometimes it feels good to cut loose and free style.

Saturday sees the opening of the Christmas Exhibition at the Hayloft Gallery in Christchurch. The exhibition is open from 10am - 4pm until the 20th December and there will be a wealth of art and crafts that are perfect for Christmas gifts.


Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Lisa!... Free styling always results in new and unexpected growth!

Nice to work outside of the regular... "playing" for the sake of play and the sense of freedom and joy that this exercise offers!

An interesting composition... stacking the foreground with wave motion against a quieter sky area! Nice contrast!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hello Bruce, playing is so important and I just haven't done enough of it lately. I'm thinking of booking a couple of weeks to myself early next year just to experiment with no end in mind. Something to look forward to when the cold and gloom set in.

Best wishes.