Thursday, 21 March 2013

Elemental II

Elemental II   9x9cm mixed media   ©2012Lisa Le Quelenec

I've been feeling a little under the weather lately so there hasn't been much painting going on this last couple of weeks. I have been catching up on some reading though, dipping in and out of Delacroix's journal and a book that I stumbled across on Amazon, Gist of Art by John Sloan. Both of which are fascinating. The Delacroix book is a feast for the senses it's printed on very fine paper (I'd estimate 50gsm though it may be finer) and makes a lovely rustling sound which adds to the sense of stepping back in time. It's an older second hand copy and is just starting to get that wonderful scent of old book. The weather has been miserable and it is still quite cold so there has been no better medicine than hunkering down with a good book. Hopefully this bug is now on it's way and I'll be back next week with some new work to share.


eM said...

Dear Lisa, I am glad you are back, hope you feel better I agree the weather is misserable still and inspiration in books is very good medicine...I am impatiently waiting for the wave of spring energy. Have a lovely day. PS: I love the drama in your today painting.

Bruce Sherman said...

Good Morning Sick Bay!... Hope that my comment back finds you feeling better!

Your selected painting for this post really does bespeak your state of mind... and health! Nasty elements!

You are right! Books are wonderful friends at such times - a true comfort and uplifting energy resource!

Read on... and "soup up". Both are wonderful soul food! Take care... and feel better!

Good Painting! ... Happ(ier) Spring!
Warmest regards,

Vandy said...

I hope you feel better soon. Snuggling up in the warmth with a good book is the perfect way to deal with cold weather and feeling unwell.

Hope you're up to painting again soon!.

Silly Little Sheep said...

The weather is miserable here too - end of march and it keeps snowing, its ridiculous... Many people are ill and feeling depressed. Lucky you, that you could crawl in bed with a book. :) But I hope you are better now.
I love the smell of old books as well.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Marcela, thank you. I love the chicks in your last post, so nice and cheerful!

Hi Bruce, thanks. I'm starting to see 'the break in the clouds now'. Yay! Now to find my energy...

Hi Vandy, thank you. I think I would have been good for painting pictures of fog and not much else :o) the last few days. Let's hope for some warmth soon.

Hello Veronika, it makes you wonder where all the snow and rain can possibly come from doesn't it? Best wishes for you and your dissertation writing.

Lydie said...

Oh la, la !!! Il fait un temps à ne pas sortir u bateau sur l'eau.
Ici aussi le temps est affreux! Bon courage Lisa.

vivien said...

well great minds think alike and all that!!! I too have been playing with sketching the rain approaching across the sea :>) but with graphite sticks and a little watercolour.

I like this one of moody weather.

Hope you are soon better.

Caroline Simmill said...

Hello Lisa, it looks like you have been having some really wild weather over on your coastline. I hope you are feeling better now and are back to painting. Maybe you need some spring weather to cheer you up. I think the wee stormy painting is very lovely.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Lydie. It's been horrid hasn't it! It's been the longest winter that I remember.

Hello Vivien, thank you. I shall pop over for a visit straight away! I think this weather is getting to us all now. Though it does make for an interesting subject to paint.

Hi Caroline, thank you. I'm feeling a bit better now luckily. I'm itching to get going again. I hope you are feeling some warmth in Scotland.