Friday, 30 May 2014

A quick sketch - Daisies

Daisy sketch 12x14cm pen and wash ©2014Lisa Le Quelenec

'On tiptoe walked she in the sun
Until, our eyes to greet,
A fallen constellation we
Discovered at our feet.
Before us white and wonderful
The daisies gleamed so bright...'


Every year I enjoy watching the daisies spring up before the first mowing. His Nibbs leaves it a couple of weeks longer for me to enjoy before starting the daisy massacre. He has been known to leave me a couple of patches which get cut at the second mowing. I'll let you into a secret.... last year I planted a couple of bits that I had dug up from the grass into the flower bed. This year they are very well established and have spread. They look so cheerful and the leaves have given what was a bare patch a lovely green covering. The official line is, 'I wonder how they got there...'.  ;o)



Vandy said...

Lovely and fresh, Lisa. So nice to see your work again.

Caroline Simmill said...

I just love this fresh watercolor study of your dearest friends the daisies! I too love to see them on the lawns. Fortunately our local council is on a big saving money scheme which includes not having water in our large and wonderful duck pond in our park and not mowing much in general. Love the second idea but feel angry about the first! the pond is where everyone gathers to feed the birds and relax! and they are spending money on tourism! the poem you have chosen is so beautiful.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Vandy, thank you so much!

Hi Caroline, thank you. What a shame about your park! Sometimes I think that the 'money saving' is just going too far. It's so important for everyone to have access to communal spaces.