Thursday, 11 February 2016

Dreaming of summer sun

Summer sun   acrylic on paper 13x13cm   ©2016Lisa Le Quelenec

After the storms over the weekend a bright winter sun has made an appearance, I am grateful for the light. I find February the hardest month of the year - the last slog before spring and brighter, warmer days. I always dream of summer heat and walking barefoot on the sand. This little painting is the result of my wishful thinking....and a celebration for being nearly halfway through the month.


Bruce Sherman said...

Good morning Lisa!... This one projects your light... and carefree heart with its delicate values and simple peaceful composition.

I might add it... it reminds me of a masterful Japanese print in execution.

"Simply"... beautiful!

Good Painting... and more blue skies!
Warmest regards,

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

gorgeous colours :D

RH Carpenter said...

So many of us are wishing for spring now :) And you've taken us somewhere warm with this lovely painting so full of light.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Wow thank you Bruce, I greatly admire Japanese prints! I am looking forward to Spring so much, February is always a struggle for me. ...not long now.

Hi Jennifer, thank you and best wishes.

Hi Rhonda, I feel like hibernating too at the moment, unfortunately my toddler doesn't feel the same way ;o/ It shows what a grey day it is today as he has gone off for a nap without putting up a fight.

Caroline Simmill said...

Hi Lisa, what a breath of fresh air your delicate seascape brings. I agree February is one of the hardest months to get through, spring time seems almost in sight, then the storms or even snow arrives to change everything. Your painting is so pretty!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Caroline, thank you. A few more days and February will be done with for another year... I can't wait! Good luck with the show.