Thursday, 26 May 2016

A quick trip

A quick trip down to Perranporth last week for a birthday celebration (not mine) and I stole the opportunity for a lone walk on the beach whilst the boys went swimming. My pockets were getting heavy after an hour or so...

Lisa Le Quelenec ©
Beach treasures   photograph ©2016LisaLeQuelenec

The sky was overcast and it was a bit blowy, though surprisingly warm so there weren't that many people out except for the dog walkers and a few dedicated surfers.

Lisa Le Quelenec ©
Perranporth beach ©2016LisaLeQuelenec

Lisa Le Quelenec ©
Perranporth Beach ©2016LisaLeQuelenec

With one eye on the tide, which was on it's way in, I explored the rock pools looking at all the textures and colours.

Lisa Le Quelenec ©
Rock pool ©2016LisaLeQuelenec

It had been ten years since I had been back to Cornwall. (I used to go three sometimes four times a year) I definitely won't be leaving it so long again. It's such an inspiring stretch of coast. I'm sure the colours and textures will be appearing in new work very soon.

Lisa Le Quelenec ©
On the rocks ©2016LisaLeQuelenec

And just because..... a few more textures and tones.....

Lisa Le Quelenec ©
Textures and tones of Perranporth   ©2016LisaLeQuelenec

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