Thursday, 20 October 2016

Jurassic coast jurassic coast moon
Jurassic coast  mixed media and etching 10x3.5cm   ©2016LisaLeQuelenec

A tiny tiddler of an etching plate - an experiment on a scrap no bigger than two fingers. The plate just has the outline of land shapes and a horizon. A sketch - an idea - a nugget to mine in the future maybe. Who knows? Commissions are keeping me very busy so Murphy's law says that my brain will throw lots of ideas out whilst I don't have the time to develop them and when I do have the time they will disappear in a wisp of smoke. I am burying these gems in a sketchbook for later prospecting.


Bruce Sherman said...

Strange ... How we get distracted sometimes by the wispy prospect of finding the "mother lode"... instead of following "veins" of promise and wandering patiently... but excitedly... ever CURIOUSLY along the banks of a creek... in search of the smaller "flakes n' nuggets"... just waiting to be discovered.

Their sum total is... "rich"... always renewing the "prospect" of future discoveries and success.

Bravo Lisa! I love this wee tidbit - it says as much to me as larger pieces!

"More... with less." HA HA!!

Good etching and Painting!
Warmest regards,

Deborah Nolan said...

Very dramatic Lisa. For sure a keeper. Have a great day.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Bruce you wordsmith! You have summed it up beautifully. I am trying to be patient with my panning and enjoying muddying my boots as it were. A bit of tinkering in the studio is good for the soul. Best wishes.

Thank you Deborah, it's great to see you.