Thursday, 14 September 2017

Three seaweed studies in watercolour

Three Seaweeds    each 30x21cm approx watercolour on paper   ©2017LisaLeQuelenec

The latest additions to my 'Little Treasures' series to add to the shells, feathers and other nature finds.

I love the colours, shapes and variety of seaweeds. These are painted from sketches that I did in Jersey and are seaweeds found in the rockpools there. Next time I must remember to collect some samples in jars for studying. I have collected them in the past and pressed them in sketchbook pages but they dry out and become brittle so quickly and it does make a change to paint from living samples. I really wanted to catch the sense of how they flow in the water in these studies.

These three seaweed studies are available at Seaside Studios UK on Etsy


RH Carpenter said...

Lovely and delicate. Yes, the movement of the seaweed would be hard to capture but you've given all of these the essense of the movement (if that makes sense at all) without painting them in water. Love the pink one! These would be beautiful as a set for someone who lived by the sea.

Studio Maywyn said...

They sway as if they're still in the water. Beautiful paintings

Debbie Nolan said...

Wonderful work the colors and all the delicacy that you have captured here. Hope your day is going great. Hugs!

Chris Lally said...

No way do they look like dry, pressed specimens. They move. They look alive. They are gorgeous!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Hi Rhonda, thank you. I have been meaning to do a series of these for years. I'm glad you get the feel that they are in the water.

Good morning Maywyn, thank you :o)

Thank you Debbie, today is grey, wet and a bit breezy so definitely a studio day - hurrah! Autumn has arrived fast for us this year. Thank you and happy painting to you.

Thank you Chris! So glad you think they look alive. I hope the moving plans are going well.